Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just spent the last 3 days and 2 nights at Lembang. It was fun and boring at the same time. It was the first time since 14 years ago that my whole extended family from my mom’s side could gather together since my uncle who has moved to NZ came here for holidays. It was great that the 2nd generation aka we, the children, are old enough to talk to one another and can remember the faces. Hmm…I shall recall what happened there.

I went on Thursday night together with one of my aunts, and the weather was unfriendly. There was a jam at the expressway and I only reached Cipularang at about 6.30. It was quite dark and the weather was really bad. It was raining like hell and the expressway had no f***ing lights along the road. The signs which supposedly glow when the light from the cars shining upon them were not obvious and the lines on the road were almost invisible. There were lights only from the very few houses scarcely distributed here and there. I think each house only has 1 lamp. So it’s dark. By the time we reached Bandung, it was quite late and raining. My auntie and my uncle never live there so they don’t know the way. We had to go to Queen Restaurant. In spite of having a very good guide from my dad via sms, asking a few people around, and having a cousin who has been there for about 5 months, we still got lost around. Lol…it seems perfectly normal that I only know Orchard Road during my 4 years stay in Singapore. Thankfully the food was nice (damn that I got gastric pain).

The hotel was San Gria. It was not bad. The room distribution was quite messy and I ended up sleeping together with 4 other guys in a room. 2 single beds and 1 extra bed only but I got the extra bed so it was not too crowded. I learnt a few card which I managed to reveal their bullshits behind. Haha… Quite proud of it because others were tricked quite a few times. And I am sick of hearing the story about the King and Queens and Jacks and Dogs (Aces) and soldiers. The re-distribution of the cards is by maths like that but the other two tricks (tricking you by swapping the numbers on two cards and their suits as well as the one in which you are tricked to belief that the card that you’ll choose has already been guessed) are quite fun. Good brain-teasers… Btw, the soap from the hotel was too small that it took me longer time to bathe and the tooth paste was awful (as expected as a China-made stuff…I don’t know whether it was a China stuff but I read Chinese characters there)

Lembang is not as cold as what it used to be. I didn’t even need blanket at night. The second day was even warmer…and more boring.

The breakfast sucked. The hotel food wasn’t nice and there were so many flies. So it was very disgusting! Only the sausages tasted okay…and that’s because I like sausages. Lame reason I know. I was bored to death to the factory outlet we visited (I hate shopping clothes) and got cheated to buy a strawberry “cheese”cake. Yucks >.< The lunch was quite nice. There were so many different types of food that I didn’t even recognize what meat that I ate. Hahaha… It was raining again in the evening and wtf…there was a massive jam to go to the town. The plan to have a dinner (a BIG one) at the Valley had to be cancelled. It was quite disappointing because those who have been there say it is a very great place with amazing scenery! I haven’t ever been there -_-! So we had dinner at the hotel instead. The food was gross (though my hostel food is more gross) but the ambience was nice. Since nobody else ate there (who the hell will eat in the hotel during their holidays), the whole restaurant was ours. We did cross-gifts and took pictures as if the restaurant was REALLY ours. Great time.

2nd nite was more or less the same as the previous one, except that Henry, Barry, and Carlo played blackjack with money. Alamak…this time their bet was Rp 1000, the next time it would be Rp 100000. Gosh…don’t gamble, guys!! And don’t play with the matches aka fire!!!

3rd day, we came back. The breakfast sucked again and I had this gross experience. There was a fly which stuck onto a glass of melon juice. Although I accidentally touched it, it didn’t fly away after I put the glass back. Ew…it was ew… Good that it happened after I finished my meal. The lunch was ok at a Chinese restaurant which I can’t pronounce then we went to pick up Vania and tada…I’m home and typing this!! Hehehe…

Few fun facts:
1) Maureen didn’t bathe at all -_-!!!

2) WOW!!! Rio can drive very well. And he’s younger than me!!! If it took him about 3 years to reach that stage….and if I spend only about 2 months a year in Indo to practice my driving…I need 18 years to be able to drive… Aw!!! God, help me!!!

3) I couldn’t sleep at both nites for no reason…. The pillow was too soft btw

4) The first nite was like sleeping at the side of a stream…the toilet flush was spoilt and water kept coming out

5) I think I looked ugly at the pictures (especially the one taken by Rio without my permission at Queen Rest... I only bathed that morning, it was raining, and my face was so OILY)


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