Monday, December 18, 2006


It happened again!! I should trust my gut feeling the next time my sister forced me to go accompany her. Last Saturday I bought the wrong comic but this weekend was worse. My parents quarreled along the way and my sis worsened everything by complaining that she was hungry >.< Basically we wanted to accompany 2 cousins from New Zealand who haven’t been here for 14 years and my dad was late because of his stuff.

At Ratu Plaza,I bought Dear Boys and Orphen DVDs and what the freak!!!! The Dear Boys dvd is spoilt. By the way, Dear Boys is a story about basketball, not some gay-sounding or perverted kind of story. I was hurried (and too excited to go dig out from the seas of dvds) that I forgot to check, at least, the back side of the CD. It is terrible and so dirty. So I cannot watch it and I thought that we would be going to Mangga Dua on Sunday (so that I could exchange that and buy many more titles such as Death Note, Conan, Gundam Seed, Prince of Tennis, and any other good animes I like and can find). Guess what? On Sunday, the plan was cancelled. I don’t know why but I think my mum was sulking. Darn!!! I don’t mind throwing it away since it is so cheap, but still it is like throwing money away.

I now know this shop called Kamiseta. It is very nice. The shop provides very comfortable SOFA for us to sit while waiting others shopping there. The price is not too bad. About Rp 100000. I’m surprised… Hahaha…

My hunt for Magic Kaito 1 is still futile. Yesterday I found 1 at Artha Gading but the condition was too awful for me to buy. I cross my fingers and hope that my sister in Bandung can get it. Ah, I bought a very nice (the colour, not the drawing or the design) grey shirt for Rp 40000 only. Not a bad buy. Lol.

Now I am fuming because my stupid maid runs God-knows-where. What the hell!!! I am super duper angry because I wanna ask her to tidy up my room. The doors were just fixed and the dust and the wood splints are everywhere. I had to even heat up my own lunch… Darn!! She is too slack already la.

At last, I finished reading Eldest. It is an agony but I will still buy the third book of the series when it comes out. It is super damn boring (hmm…maybe not damn boring because it is slightly better than Eragon) and the plot is a cliché! The heroes are always dumb and try to act good…lose first…don’t want to use the powerful magic and all that rubbish…but in the end (I think) they will win by pure luck or talking cock to persuade the enemy. I haven’t watched Eragon but I’m really eager and curious about it. Will it be better than Harry Potter?? I doubt it, really, if the Harry Potter films are not so exciting as compared to the books, which are far nicer than Eragon, I don’t know how bad Eragon will be. One thing for sure, all the actors are ugly!!!

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