Tuesday, December 26, 2006

not-so-merry -christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This year Christmas is not as good as the previous years. I don’t know why but there aren’t so many Christmas-themed movies this time. Only Harry Potter (The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets) and Sister Act I & II accompanied me for Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. There isn’t any show about celebrities singing Christmas carols. It was quite disappointing. Only my annual Christmas cassettes and Disney’s Christmas Stories VCDs made me happy.

I am so distraught that my Phantom of the Opera cassette has gone missing >.< I don’t know whether I lost it or Wenny, who borrowed from me, haven’t returned it yet. I hope it’s the second one. I don’t wanna buy it again and very good music is inside.

Some of my anime dvds are spoilt. Yucks…after Dear Boys, now I have found out that DNAngel disc 2 is spoilt too… Darn…I finished watching Orphen although about 30 minutes from the whole 24 episodes are not in. I think I am gonna watch a new one because the subtitle is also quite horrendous. The names are mispelt. Krylanceo becomes Qi, Orphen becomes Oufan or Oven (wth), and the worse is Majic which becomes (Majikke, Magechel, Maqik, and etc)… It makes the whole watching experience awful.

From Lembang, I brought back 2kg worth of fats around my belly. Haiz…I don’t know how I am gonna get rid of it. New Year is coming and I must reflect on good and bad things I’ve done/achieved and my unfinished targets this year. I’m waiting for Peter Pan and Spidey in the TV too. But tonite will be Love Actually!

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just spent the last 3 days and 2 nights at Lembang. It was fun and boring at the same time. It was the first time since 14 years ago that my whole extended family from my mom’s side could gather together since my uncle who has moved to NZ came here for holidays. It was great that the 2nd generation aka we, the children, are old enough to talk to one another and can remember the faces. Hmm…I shall recall what happened there.

I went on Thursday night together with one of my aunts, and the weather was unfriendly. There was a jam at the expressway and I only reached Cipularang at about 6.30. It was quite dark and the weather was really bad. It was raining like hell and the expressway had no f***ing lights along the road. The signs which supposedly glow when the light from the cars shining upon them were not obvious and the lines on the road were almost invisible. There were lights only from the very few houses scarcely distributed here and there. I think each house only has 1 lamp. So it’s dark. By the time we reached Bandung, it was quite late and raining. My auntie and my uncle never live there so they don’t know the way. We had to go to Queen Restaurant. In spite of having a very good guide from my dad via sms, asking a few people around, and having a cousin who has been there for about 5 months, we still got lost around. Lol…it seems perfectly normal that I only know Orchard Road during my 4 years stay in Singapore. Thankfully the food was nice (damn that I got gastric pain).

The hotel was San Gria. It was not bad. The room distribution was quite messy and I ended up sleeping together with 4 other guys in a room. 2 single beds and 1 extra bed only but I got the extra bed so it was not too crowded. I learnt a few card which I managed to reveal their bullshits behind. Haha… Quite proud of it because others were tricked quite a few times. And I am sick of hearing the story about the King and Queens and Jacks and Dogs (Aces) and soldiers. The re-distribution of the cards is by maths like that but the other two tricks (tricking you by swapping the numbers on two cards and their suits as well as the one in which you are tricked to belief that the card that you’ll choose has already been guessed) are quite fun. Good brain-teasers… Btw, the soap from the hotel was too small that it took me longer time to bathe and the tooth paste was awful (as expected as a China-made stuff…I don’t know whether it was a China stuff but I read Chinese characters there)

Lembang is not as cold as what it used to be. I didn’t even need blanket at night. The second day was even warmer…and more boring.

The breakfast sucked. The hotel food wasn’t nice and there were so many flies. So it was very disgusting! Only the sausages tasted okay…and that’s because I like sausages. Lame reason I know. I was bored to death to the factory outlet we visited (I hate shopping clothes) and got cheated to buy a strawberry “cheese”cake. Yucks >.< The lunch was quite nice. There were so many different types of food that I didn’t even recognize what meat that I ate. Hahaha… It was raining again in the evening and wtf…there was a massive jam to go to the town. The plan to have a dinner (a BIG one) at the Valley had to be cancelled. It was quite disappointing because those who have been there say it is a very great place with amazing scenery! I haven’t ever been there -_-! So we had dinner at the hotel instead. The food was gross (though my hostel food is more gross) but the ambience was nice. Since nobody else ate there (who the hell will eat in the hotel during their holidays), the whole restaurant was ours. We did cross-gifts and took pictures as if the restaurant was REALLY ours. Great time.

2nd nite was more or less the same as the previous one, except that Henry, Barry, and Carlo played blackjack with money. Alamak…this time their bet was Rp 1000, the next time it would be Rp 100000. Gosh…don’t gamble, guys!! And don’t play with the matches aka fire!!!

3rd day, we came back. The breakfast sucked again and I had this gross experience. There was a fly which stuck onto a glass of melon juice. Although I accidentally touched it, it didn’t fly away after I put the glass back. Ew…it was ew… Good that it happened after I finished my meal. The lunch was ok at a Chinese restaurant which I can’t pronounce then we went to pick up Vania and tada…I’m home and typing this!! Hehehe…

Few fun facts:
1) Maureen didn’t bathe at all -_-!!!

2) WOW!!! Rio can drive very well. And he’s younger than me!!! If it took him about 3 years to reach that stage….and if I spend only about 2 months a year in Indo to practice my driving…I need 18 years to be able to drive… Aw!!! God, help me!!!

3) I couldn’t sleep at both nites for no reason…. The pillow was too soft btw

4) The first nite was like sleeping at the side of a stream…the toilet flush was spoilt and water kept coming out

5) I think I looked ugly at the pictures (especially the one taken by Rio without my permission at Queen Rest... I only bathed that morning, it was raining, and my face was so OILY)


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

xmas xmas xmas

My all time favourite Christmas songs:

The Magic of Christmas Day – Celine Dion
Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Mariah Carey
All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey
O Holy Night – Mariah Carey
O Come All Ye Faithful – Charlotte Church
Hark The Herald Angels Sing – Charlotte Church
When Christmas Comes to Town – From The Polar Express
Santa.com – Billy Gilman
Angel We Have Heard on High – Billy Gilman
Jingle Bell Rock – Billy Gilman
Millennium Prayer – Cliff Richard
Mary’s Boy Child/O My Lord – Boney M
The Gift of Love – Disney
The Twelve Days of Christmas – Disney
All Around the World Christmas – Disney

They are just amazing. I can listen to them all day long without getting bored! I want to put everything to my mp3 player but it is very difficult (and I did not manage to get) to obtain Charlotte Church’s FREE mp3 -_-!


Oooh La La!!! Yeah yeah yippee!!! Finally, after 16 days since I came back, I lose 1 kg. Hahaha… It is very little but to me it means a lot to me. Hopefully I won’t gain the weight back but lose some more. Lol…

Yesterday I managed to do something with my lucky draw mp4 player. As expected from a China-made product, I will say that it quite sucks. It is difficult to navigate and not user-friendly. What is being mentioned in the booklet cannot be found in the manual CD or even the actual function of the player. I cannot even listen to the songs while seeing the pictures inside. It's just weird! Hmm...it's a free stuff so I guess I cannot complain so much about it.

Christmas is coming near and I am getting more excited about it. Haha...though I don't celebrate it, I always enjoy watching Christmas cartoons and listening to Christmas songs. I love especially Disney's, Billy Gilman's, Charlotte Church's, Mariah Carey's, and Celine Dion's Christmas songs. They have great voices!!!

It's already the mid of December and I wonder who won the bid for Sentosa IR. I hope it's Genting because it has the Universal Studio or something. That's something!! I mean who gives a damn if you offer the biggest aquarium or oceanorium or whatever you call it. Who will be so interested to see the fish?? Haha..although the volcano design is nice too :) But the red weird thingy is definitely out of my preferrence. Haha..so much fuss about the casino thing and yet it is not the main attraction la. Too much focus on the unimportant stuff. After I played a casino game in a handphone, I'm sure I won't gamble because I always lost all my money in 3 times I repeated the games.

Monday, December 18, 2006


It happened again!! I should trust my gut feeling the next time my sister forced me to go accompany her. Last Saturday I bought the wrong comic but this weekend was worse. My parents quarreled along the way and my sis worsened everything by complaining that she was hungry >.< Basically we wanted to accompany 2 cousins from New Zealand who haven’t been here for 14 years and my dad was late because of his stuff.

At Ratu Plaza,I bought Dear Boys and Orphen DVDs and what the freak!!!! The Dear Boys dvd is spoilt. By the way, Dear Boys is a story about basketball, not some gay-sounding or perverted kind of story. I was hurried (and too excited to go dig out from the seas of dvds) that I forgot to check, at least, the back side of the CD. It is terrible and so dirty. So I cannot watch it and I thought that we would be going to Mangga Dua on Sunday (so that I could exchange that and buy many more titles such as Death Note, Conan, Gundam Seed, Prince of Tennis, and any other good animes I like and can find). Guess what? On Sunday, the plan was cancelled. I don’t know why but I think my mum was sulking. Darn!!! I don’t mind throwing it away since it is so cheap, but still it is like throwing money away.

I now know this shop called Kamiseta. It is very nice. The shop provides very comfortable SOFA for us to sit while waiting others shopping there. The price is not too bad. About Rp 100000. I’m surprised… Hahaha…

My hunt for Magic Kaito 1 is still futile. Yesterday I found 1 at Artha Gading but the condition was too awful for me to buy. I cross my fingers and hope that my sister in Bandung can get it. Ah, I bought a very nice (the colour, not the drawing or the design) grey shirt for Rp 40000 only. Not a bad buy. Lol.

Now I am fuming because my stupid maid runs God-knows-where. What the hell!!! I am super duper angry because I wanna ask her to tidy up my room. The doors were just fixed and the dust and the wood splints are everywhere. I had to even heat up my own lunch… Darn!! She is too slack already la.

At last, I finished reading Eldest. It is an agony but I will still buy the third book of the series when it comes out. It is super damn boring (hmm…maybe not damn boring because it is slightly better than Eragon) and the plot is a cliché! The heroes are always dumb and try to act good…lose first…don’t want to use the powerful magic and all that rubbish…but in the end (I think) they will win by pure luck or talking cock to persuade the enemy. I haven’t watched Eragon but I’m really eager and curious about it. Will it be better than Harry Potter?? I doubt it, really, if the Harry Potter films are not so exciting as compared to the books, which are far nicer than Eragon, I don’t know how bad Eragon will be. One thing for sure, all the actors are ugly!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I ate Yuraku Yakiniku and Shabu-Shabu buffet and learnt that Shabu-Shabu means the things you dip into the soup while Yakiniku is the one you roast/burn/grill or whatever the correct word is. Hahaha… I only like the Yakiniku and only ate the beef. There were “Beef”, “Bulgogi Beef”, and “Black Pepper Beef” although after well-cooked all tasted the same. It was one of the most gross buffet experience I ever have. The eating time was limited to 2 hours -_-!, the used plates/bowls were not cleared from the table, the sauce was not topped up unless you asked, the drinks were horrible (a tea which tasted like plain water, watermelon juice which was way too sweet for a real juice from the fruit), the miso soup had no miso taste, and the supposedly crab soup had egg instead of crab. What a crap! Hahaha…

I Not Stupid Too vcd is disappointing. There is no subtitle at the parts when the story is narrated. I know I am stupid and cannot understand Chinese so I don’t and won’t understand those parts. Fortunately my cousin wants to buy it from me. I’ll give a discount as long as I can get rid of the vcd. Crap >.<

I declare my diet as a failure. I know it has only been 1.5 weeks but I haven’t shed any kg. I did some exercise but I don’t see any change to my body. Haiyo..don’t tell me that the fatty layers all over my body is too thick and hence the exercise is wasted. Cannot give up though…shall see after 1 month L. I just helped my dad to carry a stupid bloody heavy TV upstairs. Crazy… The stupid TV only has sharp edges so it is difficult to carry without hurting my palms. It also almost slipped twice as we climbed the stairs. Thank God that it didn’t drop!!

I am midway through reading Eldest. It is better than Eragon. The travel from one place to another is faster (unlike Eragon in which the boring walk here walk there takes more than half of the book) and I hope it gets more exciting soon. Honestly, I cannot tell how both can be bestsellers. Harry Potter is much better and more exciting, not long and draggy (except book 5). Christopher Paolini is too obsessed with Lord of The Rings and is not really original lah. The names (both the places and people) are impossible to remember and pronounce, and the list of the ‘ancient’ and ‘dwarf’ language is only making the reading more unbearable. But the politics and the maturity of the thoughts are quite commendable, considering that he wrote the books when he was 15 or 16.

I had a series of unfortunate dreams as I took my afternoon nap this afternoon. I cannot recall how many times I died in that dream. It was crazy. I tried to kill myself in the dream to wake me up (usually this works every time I had a bad dream) but to no avail.

Ah I also cannot believe that Singapore has obtained 8 golds in the Asian Games. So much rara about the atheletes there but in the end it fares not too bad. I'm interested to know from what sports the medals are.

Christmas is only in 2 weeks time. Hurray!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Nothing much

Fiuh…today I managed to dig out my Harry Potter books from one of my boxes. Gosh.. the hologram wore off. The books were dusty and the pages are turning yellow. It sucks, man! All my books are turning yellow. Some of my comics too. But the books I bought in Singapore are the worst. I guess the more expensive the paper is, the easier for it to be oxidized (aka turning yellow). I don’t know how long they can last.

I also found out that I have another 20 floppy disks. That means I have 50 floppy disks in total right now. Haha… Now I have to check them out to make sure that there is no virus as well as to check the files, if there is any. I’m sure some of them must be thrown away! The sound that the disk drive made during the scanning was quite scary. Perhaps, it’s the lousy standard of the disks!

Hey…it’s done. There are files inside the disks. It’s my Gundam pictures collection. Wow.. I’m so happy. This reminds me of the crazy days when I surfed the net like crazy. A hundred plus of Gundam pictures and some Cardcaptor Sakura pictures. It’s too bad that my previous super duper lousy computer had no disk writer so I could only save very small percentages of my files there. No song could be saved though >.< It will take months to download the songs again and I can’t even remember what songs are there. About 50+ downloaded songs, I think, and about 10 Japanese albums are there. Ah…remembering this only makes me wanna cry.

During dinner, I complained to my parents about my sad social life in Singapore. What my dad said really strike me. The scholars are smart, hence we have high ego and are independent. No wonder I feel that all the “scholarly” friendship is bullshit! Though actually I’m sincere in my friendships…as long as I find suitable people whom I can easily connect with. Yah…basically that is the greatest regret I have by going Singapore for study. High school age should be the time to make long-lasting friendships but what I got is the contrary.

Hmm…I guess this will be my shortest entry so far. Usually I write after 2 or 3 days and thus there are more things to say. Today I didn’t really do a lot of stuff to write here.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Level

Because I am so free (and have nothing to do), I will do an A level exams re-cap J
It is just another craziness made by me!!! Just enjoy, this is according to me and nothing is serious. I forget most of it already so I just write the few things, which still stuck, onto my rotten mind. I’ll do it according to alphabet.

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 2/5)
Well, bio paper was quite difficult for an MCQ paper. I don’t think can get 2 or 3 mistakes only. However, since it was the last paper I cannot give a damn about it. Lol.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 2/5)
Hmm…the paper was not really difficult but I didn’t have the time to finish it. And worse, I took the risk that 1 point would be awarded 1 mark. Hopefully it would be like that. This was the first paper (Hahaha…GP is not considered as a subject which needs a lot of preparation) so maybe the ‘excitement’ may play a role in the bad performance. Honestly, I only did not finish 2 or 3 marks but if everyone could finish…. -_-!!!

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5)
Sucks…that’s all that I’ve got to say. 6 marks for describing binary fission??? I’m really clueless about that. Not many chose that essay so hopefully I didn’t write too badly among the scripts. The structured questions were rather bad too. There was seriously insufficient time to complete. I was too kancheong and could not think properly. All the suggest questions were gone case.

So overall bio was not really good. I have a phobia since secondary school for biology so hopefully this time everything is bad. For O level I only got an A2 (wtf) but that time was because I didn’t study properly mah… Well, I keep my fingers crossed.

It is ridiculous!! I don’t know why the papers were so manageable. It may be because the school exams were too tough but if I compare with the other subjects, chemistry was a joke!!

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 1/5)
There were some pretty tricky questions but overall, it was okay. A piece of cake as compared to the choking midyear paper.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 0/5)
It was ridiculously easy. I am not being arrogant or what but only for this paper that a lot of people claimed that they could get full marks. 1 or 2 marks gone and people were already shouting as if they would get an F! So I suppose it is better that there was no paper 2 because it didn’t serve the purpose of distinguishing the good and the better students. Ah but I remember that I put “amide linkage” instead of “peptide linkage”… I was a bit rushing near the end so when they put the amide at the bottom side (not right side), I thought it was a side chain. I didn’t pay attention or count the number of –NH2. Ok la..1 mark only.

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5)
To me it was okay because the school’s prelim was hell. Though some said that it was not so simple, I think it was good that there wasn’t any surprise here, unlike last year halucidation. I did a careless mistake!! >.< Ratio of 1:4 and I wrote that the percentage is 25%. Uurgh!!!

Paper 0 (Level of Difficulty: 10/5) I couldn’t do… I was unlucky that I chose the difficult questions… I didn’t finish….there were about 30m left empty… So I AM DEAD!!!!

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 3.5/5) It was quite crazy. They lumped all the hardcore topics together in this paper. Thankfully they were nice that most of these hardcore were showing questions. So as long as I got to show I can be confident that I got it correct. This paper left me breathless. Quite shocking and unexpected.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 1.5/5) It was a redeem for the killer paper 1. No real problem here and I got all the C.C (continuity correction) correct J The section A was not too bad, O level standard (trigo stuff which was not really easy to solve). Maths was great. This is my 2nd most hated subject after bio. In the end, it was not too bad so I guess I kinda of love maths again. Hahaha…

This is the subject of and for the PSYCHOS!!! I was fuming and am still fuming now if I recall about it. All the papers were really beyond expectations and abilities of normal human beings.

Paper 1 (Level of Difficulty: 3/5) The easy ones were easy but the tricky ones were tricky!! For example is question 4, the stupid terminal velocity graph (freak!! I got it wrong), then the gravitation question which is still debatable up to now, and there are still about 2-3 trap questions which I can recall now. To make things worse, Physics MCQ questions worth 2 marks each.

Paper 2 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) This was a PRACTICAL paper which should have been tested in the lab! Every question had GRAPH to read (fiuh…not to plot thankfully) and find gradient and that stuff. There were questions which only left the students scratching their head such as: define radian [2m] (hallo…we are never been asked to define it in maths). In conclusion, it was a mad afternoon paper and the noise level after the paper was the worst (the CPE scolded 2x). It was even noisier than the last paper when people were celebrating the end of the A level exams.

Paper 3 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) I say that this is an AS level paper (half A and half S paper, not ass thank you). The fluid question of finding ratio the densities of sea and fresh water was like an S paper question. They only give a chunk of info and everything is in terms of variables. So you can’t be sure with your answer. I plotted 2 graphs wrongly and I think I chose the wrong questions… Bad bad bad….REALLY REALLY BAD!!! These experiences make me sure that definitely engineering is a big NO NO for my future career. I cannot even handle the JC standard.

Paper 0 (Level of Difficulty: 4/5) Surprisingly, S paper was much ‘easier’ than the core paper (maybe there was a swap in the paper). Surprisingly I could do all the section B questions (I mean the 3 questions that I chose) and only 2 questions of section A that I was completely thoughtless. The rest I obtained the answers although am not confident about it. I hope I will get a distinction. My senior said last year was also easy. She expected a Distinction and she got Merit. So it’s luck here. Ah ya, there is something memorable here. Before the paper began, the CPE said “No worry. It is for fun”. Gosh…S paper is for fun??? Siauw… It was because we were given so many pieces of paper and we were so kancheong to write our names on every single piece of it.

Last but not the least (or the easiest) GP Paper 1 and 2 (Level of Difficulty: ….it’s beyond my ability or my scale…sorry) I hate GP I hate GP I hate GP!!! I have no other words to describe how cruel GP papers were. The essays were horrible. I think 80% of Singapore chose technology question. It would be a pity for the weaker students like me. My language just pure sucks… It was an unfair paper and there was no point of preparing specific themes to write. I didn’t find any particular theme came out. So if 2005 paper offered so many doable questions, this year I was confused because there was not much of an option there to choose. Btw, I prepared for environment, economic, and poverty. So my effort is a waste. I hope I still can get a B for the final grade (God..I hope for a miracle for an A). Paper 2 made me cry (literally). I could not comprehend what the summary and the AQ asked. So basically half of the paper was gone. I did not complete both parts and the vocab would be a 0/5 I suppose. It was a disappointment as the first few questions were give-aways.

In all, the A level this year was the hardest as compared to the previous years… It was very unfair and unkind for a rabbit like me to compete with all the mighty dragons. There’s nothing much to do right now except to pray for the best. I’ve done my best (I think….) and the rest is God’s work.

0/5: Might as well give everyone a full credit for it
1/5: A tickle for my neurons
2/5: Ok if there was more time
3/5: Tricky but still manageable
4/5: Crazy
5/5: O ow…can’t even guarantee my A >.<

Crazy Weekend

I had a bad weekend. Too many bad things happening to me this weekend until I don’t know which one to write first here.

1) I bought a DOUBLE comic book!!!!
Darn…I swear that this is the first and will be the last time it happened to me. Previously, buying double comic book is my sisters and mom’s business. A record was a TRIPLE Fushigi Yuugi #18. I won’t forget Prince of Tennis #17. Grr… Talking about Prince of Tennis, I just watched the movie and it was lame I think… The matches are more like a Dragonball battles with kamehameha and that sort of things. The players could hit the ball until tsunami appears or a typhoon is generated. Haiz…haiz… Nonetheless, I still like it!!!

2) There isn’t any single WORKING BATTERIES at homeMy aircon remote control was dead last night. So it was switched on for 15 hours until this morning when I “borrow” the batteries from the other room aircon remote. Actually last night I already robbed the batteries from the other remote but they did not work. It was bloody cold last night and my bones were aching… Now there is still any batteries so I’ve been in spa since this morning

3) I followed my sis’ recommendation of a CHEAPO power glue
I made Saint Seiya models (stupid Bandai made these models horribly unsuitable for sale, no wonder they slashed the price down from $16 to $3) which need power glue to stick the parts together (thank God Gundam robots are not like this). The stupid power glue leaked from the side and bottom of the tube (apparently I could not find any hole) and damaged my mirror and table. It works better to stick my fingers to the models than the plastic parts to each other. It was crazy last night. I could not stop cursing the stupid plastic and the stupid glue. I slept at 2 so that this morning I would not need to damage my palms further. Partially, it was also because my sister said “Must use the glue till it is finished. The cap cannot screw tightly so next morning the glue will be solid already”. Dammit!!! So ironic, the first drop of the glue is always a SPURT!!! Silly product!! Well, lesson learnt: Don’t buy CHEAPO stuff. For your info, the price of the thing is less than quarter of the usual power glue I used.

4) I did not check my dad’s cupboard carefully.
Freak!!! I thought he did not bring back his laptop but he did!! I’ve been rotting without internet this weekend >.< Actually he brought it. I should have pushed the door one cm further. The good thing is that I managed to assemble all my robots. So now everything is completed….

So now I have no more comics to read and no more robots to make. It’s time to read Eldest and some other Christmas-themed novels.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Life's great

For the past 3 days, I’ve been slacking like crazy. But this is the slackest period I’m enjoying the most J Everyday I only read comics (4 comics per day) and make robots. I only make one per day because otherwise I’ll get sick of it. Last time I really got sick of making robots and in the end I have some left over for this holiday. Now I can confirm that some of the products have problems. After doing about 8 robots, I can say that I am no longer an amateur. However, the last one I did (Epyon) is totally screwed. No mistake whatsoever, it is the problem with the plastic! So disappointing.

My unpacking is done and now I am re-arranging (and throwing some) stuff from my boxes. Only 5 boxes left; 3 of comics, 1 of playstation cds, 1 of magazines. I cannot unpack them as there is no space in my cupboard yet. Must wait until my mom and sisters do something with their stuff.

I just read “Baby and I”. It’s a very good comic. Although, the story is not about adventure or sports (so actually there is no story, like Doraemon like that), the messages are great. It made me miss my old primary school days where people were still innocent and friends were made just because we were meant to me friends (not because we need some help like this time around). Ah…ignorance is bliss and I hate growing up!

I miss my junior high school friends… As I unpacked my stuff, including the presents from them when I was about to leave for Singapore 4 years ago, I read their cards/messages. They were very sweet, so unlike the “friends” in Singapore. Haiz…. I hope they are having fun at SDD at the time I am writing this. Haha… It will be really fun, sitting around a table and only stone and stare at each other (or worse, start sms-ing). I’ll get a heart attack if they say they are talking to each other. Well I hope university days will be better. I just heard that Pharmacy has 1:10 boy-girl ratio. I hope I can get into the pharmacy and out of the 90 odd girls, there are some pretty and nice ones. Must already aim for my future: finding a wife-to-be. Hahaha… Hope that the guys will be ok too, not cocky just because they have graduated from NS or are jealous because of my youthfulness, cuteness, and craziness. Lol.

I’m confident that my diet will be a success!! Haha.. Since Monday I’ve become a vegetarian. I only ate noodles (2 packs), 5 pieces of squid, and I suppose 1 slice of bakwa. Mostly I ate only with soup or the veggies (bean sprout, corn, carrot, onion) and surprise surprise I exercise!!! Hahaha… Although my stamina and power need some work out. Doing 100 push-ups a day is already like going to die. I used to be able to do 200 a day. Sit-up is still a no problem. 300 a day also can as long as I am not lazy >.<

Sunday, December 3, 2006

I'm home

After 4 years of hard work, the well-deserved break is here. I am glad that I have reached home safely and can experience the joy and sadness of a house life. Something I have been missing for.

This time I came home as a Santa (coincidental with Christmas) because I brought so many things back to give to relatives. Yah, as long as the luggage did not break, I’m fine.

I still haven’t finished my unpacking because my room has become the storeroom of the family. The rate of my family members dumping their stuff into my room is much faster than the rate I have new things to buy. So now my room is really like a shipwreck. Things get worse because my dad wants me to clear all my boxes (I have 8 of them). What the…. I have no idea how to squeeze the contents into my room. My attempt to get rid of my sisters’ stuff is futile before my mom removes her thing from their (and mine too!) room. So it really becomes a finger-pointing game. No matter what, I am not gonna give in and let my comics, cds, and rubbish to be stored elsewhere. No no no no no….

The new glass cabinet for my robot is great. It makes my Gundam robots and other toys look fabulous. The base that I bought for some of the robots work too J It’s too bad that Deathscythe has a full wing so I cant stick it to the base. Wing Zero, on the other hand, is a disappointment! It’s my favourite robot but it is somehow spoilt (poor quality control from Bandai or maybe it was due to my pathetic skill of assembling as it was the very first model I ever made). The arms cannot hold the rifle (don’t try to put twin rifle buster), the body cannot withstand the weight of the wings, and the body is tilted to the left. Ah I almost forgot, the right shoulder is “dislocated”. Maybe I shall buy a new one. So when I make it to fly, it cannot fly vertically. Due to its weight, it will tilt automatically into a whooping bird position (by the Law of Physics, that means the center of gravity of the robot is somewhere not in the robot…..whatever…it’s far too complicated and I’ll REALLY consider buying a new one). Other robots have no problem and I have another 5 to go. It will take me weeks to assemble all of them but I’ll start slowly.

I haven’t got time to read my comics. There are only about 30 new comics this time (it used to be 60 each time I come home) because some titles: Inu Yasha, Conan, Legenda Naga, only come out ONCE every 6 months. Other comics are getting more irregular. Prince of Tennis only came out up to no 17 (3 books in 6 months) and I don’t know why because in Japan it has reached volume 30 something.

I saw my younger sister’s chemistry book. She has taken over me and is in university already. Wow…the chem. is super easy. I have learnt ALL of it in JC (crazy Singapore education), including the hexagonal whatever-dunno-what molecular orbital theory and energy of covalent bond which I ever saw during Olympiad training and S paper respectively. So if I continue my study here, I can take over her again. Hahaha….

Hmm….the era of internet is back but I’m already sick of surfing and downloading stuff. Yesterday I tried to download IE7 but it would take 4 damn hours. Decided to try it through but after half of it was done, a phone call interrupted and everything was busted. Darn…
My journey will continue again… My room has been much tidier but there are things lying around still. But tomorrow will be better as I can start listening to xmas carols anymore. Well, xmas carols are the best songs in the world!!!!

Friday, December 1, 2006


Today is a long day for me so I will be able to write a lot of crap here :)

This morning I sent my stuff to my aunt's house (haha I have so many aunties) and her daughter owns a cat. She picked up the stray cat since it (I forgot to ask whether it is a she or a he) was young. It leapt onto my lap and I had to restrain myself from screaming. This is a habit I develop from home. My mom and elder sister also love to tame stray cats. Stray cats always remain stray. They still like to wonder around outside so they are DIRTY. Yucks... So when they jump on to my lap or brush against my legs, I would shoo them away. But my aunt assured me that her daughter's cat is not allowed to wander around the street and so is clean. I did not mind. In fact, I think it is cute. It purrs so lovely, unlike the cats at my home. Hahaha...I look forward to see it again the next time to go to my aunt's house.

I went to buy Bee Cheng Hiang and the shopkeepers kept rattling in Chinese although I already showed her a super blur face. She offered me so many promotions and I only shook my head. This is so frustrating. I think the people here need to speak English (and not me need to learn Chinese). Lol.

I don't know how I looked today but I felt very unlucky. I was approached THREE times by people on the road who were selling stuff or doing survey. I was trapped for the first time but for the other two, I did not give a damn. I dao-ed the second one and I ran away from the third one. She even said "Don't run away leh!". Crazy...

I also ate sausage today at Bratwurst Shop (Plaza Singapura). The shopkeepers spoke in Australian accent. So cool :) although I didn't catch any single word. I learnt about a new food called saucekrewts (or something). It is sour vegetable. I won't remember its exact spelling but at least the next time I hear that word again, I won't be so stunned.

Yesterday I accompanied my cousin, who is here for operation, shopping at Takashimaya. It was tiring but fun! I got the chance to enter the shops I would never ever enter on my own or buy the stuff from (eg. Guess, Zara, etc). Being girls is not too bad. They have a lot of nice clothes and shoes to see and buy. So when they go shopping, it won't be as boring as guys' shopping (the same old T-shirt and shirt and pants and ties -_-!). However, I still prefer being a guy. It is quite pitiful for guys to accompany their girls shopping >.< I shall remain single.

Tomorrow I am going home already :) YEAH!!! I hope the weather is nice and I can have a safe flight. And it will be a LOOOOONG and HAPPPPPPY holiday :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad day

I ate BK yesterday and I am really sure that the whoever made the burger forgot to add in the bacon. That means I only ate a normal whopper with an additional bbq sauce and yes, for that I paid $1.85 more. I feel so cheated up to now >.< Must write complaint letter in the newspaper and hopefully they will give me free BK vouchers for life.

I was not aware that the sauce spilled unto my shirt so when I hugged my bolster.. Tadaa... I needed to wash my bolster case immediately. But then, I did not have any detergent :( In the end, I only soaked it with water :( And I threw away my shirt. Haiz...actually these were small matters but I was frustrated because I need to move out soon. I cannot send my stuff to laundry anymore and etc etc etc.

2 more days I'll be home. Yay! I am super duper excited!!! At last!!! Can slack for 8 months although I am really clueless about what I am gonna do. Even now I am so dea....d bored. Everyday I only go Orchard as if my dad own a money-printing machine. That is because I can't get any job here. I am so picky and I am not so desperate like some people who are dying to get a job. Haha... Quite sad ah young people nowadays do not know how to enjoy life and take a break. Go act beyond their age although they should know that their teenage years will be over in one year time. I should treasure the last few years that I can still act and dress child-like. Lol.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something is wrong with me today :p

This is the first time ever that I am clueless about what to write. My creativity nerve is dead, not stimulated, or whatever. My mind is blank. Thankfully that this does not occur during exams. I wanted to change my msn username but no good nick came to my mind.

Yesterday my aunt and my cousin came to singapore. My cousin needs to undergo a spine operation. Listening to the conversation about the condition and the operation procedures gave me goosebumps. I hope such things will never happen to me. I hope everything will go well and she will be fine again. It's good that even now she looks fine and healthy. Only slight discomfort if she sat down for long periods of time.

In the evening, I went to Pizza Hut with Emma and Jinci. Hahaha...I was tempted by the new promotion of christmas pizza. It was great...both the taste and the smell. The problem with Pizza Hut is that it is so expensive and I can't feel full without going bankrupt. Anyways, thanks for the cap and the toothbrush holder by the way. I hope I can make use of them :)

Then we went to see the xmas lights. Hahaa...jinci was so funny. Just after we exited Plaza Sing, she already squealed "nice...nice...". What we saw at that point was only the overhanging lights which I think is not nice. However, after seeing other things along the road, she said that everything was "not nice leh....". Hahaha....what happen to her??? I don't know :p She is always like that. Hauahahaha...

I bought Bread Talk cake for the sake of using the $10 voucher. The name of the cake is chantilitte...a vanilla chiffon cake. I thought it would be gross but the fruits were still cold and nice by the time I reached hostel to eat it. It was not too bad but I have concluded that Bread Talk is simply bread talk. The bread is good but the cake is not. However, the very friendly and enthu bread talk girl really made my day. She explained a lot of things about the discount card although I could only open my mouth and let "Ooo...Oooo..." out. In the end I said "Nevermind, I just want the $10 off".

I think this entry is not so exciting...though I'm amazed with myself (another narcisstic act of me) that even in my not-so-creative day, I can still write such a long crap.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Shopped Till I Dropped

Shop shop shop and shop... That is all I have been doing since the end of A levels. Though I am not buying stuffs for myself, I still feel happy to look for and buy good things.

I had the chance to see Orchard light on Saturday night. Okay la. It is not so boring after all. That is only after I saw the entry to Orchard Road aka the Borders' Junction. Wheeew...the decorations there are the coolest. Otherwise, I think the year 2002's light up is still the best.

I visited an eye specialist today and yeah... I'm more than happy. No matter how screwed my eyes seem to be, thankfully the retina is okay. No tear or anything. I promise to take care a better care of my eyes. I won't touch my PS until the new year. -_-!!! Quite impossible as I really do not know how to spend 3 weeks with no PS but I must try my best. And up to now, I can still feel the effect of the pupil dilation eyedrop. My eyes are pretty tired now. It's great that today was raining. I didn't experience glare when I went to see dentist after seeing the eye specialist. Haiz...my body is really problematic.

I am so busy packing but my roomate is worse. The amount of his stuff is unbelievable and my room is a mess. I only sent 2 out of my 5 boxes this morning and I got a good news: I may get a job with pay of $2000 a month. Woohoo... If I convert it to Indonesian currency, I feel very rich. I am still hoping for a job at school nonetheless.

I feel that my life is so terrible... When I put my Hamtaro into a box yesterday, I cried. Gosh.. I really feel as if he said "Don't pack me! Bring me with you!". I only bought the doll this mid year. So it has only been 4-5months. Now I don't think I can throw away my pillow and bolster. They are my closest items for these 4 years. I hug and lie on them every night. So no matter how pathetic their condition is, I will still keep them. So ironic...when I came to Singapore, I cried because I would miss my friends but now, I am sad because I will miss my THINGS!! I am closer to my stuff than my friends. Conclusion: I am really sick of all the fake friendships here and I cannot really have a deep and meaningful relationship. Well, friendship is a two-way thing, you cannot force it to someone. So maybe it is not my luck yet to have great friends here (I have a few actually ^o^ Thanks to these people)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

It's over :) Yeah!!!

Finally.. After a whole month in agony.. A level is over! I'm glad that the last paper (phy s) was not too bad. At least it was not as bad as I expected and I can harbour the hope of getting a distinction. Hahaha.... A bit ambitious I guess but it's okay. It's over.

I watched "HAPPY FEET" yesterday. I don't think it sucks but it does not meet my expectations. I wanted it to be a brainless humourous cartoon but it turns out to be somewhat like a campaign to save the environment -_-! The songs are not really my type although some are good. Overall, I'm disappointed. Well, at least the baby penguins are cute. I will definitely buy the soft toys, after the price has dropped of course. $16.90 for the small one is too much. The faster it drops the better.

Orchard Road is not so amazing this year. Maybe it is because yellow is the dominant colour and I hate yellow. Along the road, only the Swarovsky christmas tree outside the Heeren makes the journey there worthy. Its leaves are really made of Swarovsky CRYSTAL. Weeew....I wonder if there were a storm and one of the leaves was blown away and pluk...it fell on my head. Ow...I would be the happiest person in the world. I'll definitely take a look at it one more time when I see my dentist on monday.

I ate Sizzler last night and almost vomitted. I think they know how to cheat the costumer's money. Eating the main course can make someone full already so actually there is no point of buffet-ing. Still, the soups were great, the toast was WOW (I never eat that kind of toast before. It's amazing that the bread was still soft although the top part was like baked), but unfortunately the ice cream was a bit weird. And yup....the spicy chicken was super super nice. Too bad Sizzler is too ex, so I cannot go there too often.

Oh yeah, my dad ruined my day! Yah he wanted to say good advice but please...my exam was over just in the morning of the day. So I really wanted to slack, do nothing, and think about nothing; not thinking about future stuff (bleak future some more). I only came to the conclusion that the money is there but I am only allowed to study here. I am really tired and sick of studying here. I don't think it is the problem with the system but the problem is with me.

Hahaha...in the end, this turns out to be another negative-feeling entry. I thought it would be a happy one. Lol.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm not special

S paper is true to its name. It Sucks; It is Sickening; It is Special indeed. I don't see the point of setting a paper which students cannot even complete. It is due to either insufficient time or the questions are simply beyond normal human capabilities. Or perhaps, I'm not "special" enough to do S paper.

I thought I've experienced the worst and most nightmarish exam experience during phy s prelims with 7/30 marks for the compulsory section (can really vomit blood). Thankfully the last 10 marks for the compulsory section today was graph plotting so in the end, I got 17/40 which was not too bad. But then, for the 6 choose 3 section, I was like gonna cry in the exam hall. I tried FIVE questions out of desperation in an attempt to get as many marks as possible (although the difference might be negligible).

Yesterday's chem s was WORSE than that phy s prelims. Partly because I chose a wrong question. Practically, I only did 3.5 questions. Maybe there was a printing error at the cover page. Where got the time to do 5 questions?? Interestingly, some people claimed to lose only about 10 marks. Haha... I seriously doubt that but it is always good to be in self-denial to make yourself feel good :) The more interesting thing is that the maths s students felt that chem s was nothing as compared to their maths s. Pheew....lucky I never took maths s. But I will get a taste of something similar during phy s tomorrow. I think I'm gonna cry during the exam :(

It is great that today's Bio MCQ was not too bad. Though I feel it was quite difficult for a "lucky draw" paper. In addition, Lady Luck is seldom at my side. I suppose those questions which I anyhow whacked (even after narrowing down the options to 2) would still be wrong.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I hate bio -_-

Finally.. I can consider that A level is over because the rest of the papers do not need 24-7 mugging like Bio!!! Fiuh... Though bio mcq is still on on Thursday. Initially I wanted today to end happily but too bad, my bio paper 3 did not go as well as I planned. Yah...basically today is a bad day. Last night I could not sleep well. I tried to sleep at 12 but I still had not fallen asleep even at 2 o clock. But that is not the reason of the screwed up bio paper. I wrote too slowly! Honestly, I do not know how fast I had to write. My wrist was gonna break already but I still could not finish the paper. Uurgh...so irritating. All the effort of studying was wasted. Ah... I just hope that in the end I can still get an A.

I wanted to start the blog at school computer lab but then some people were just being very inconsiderate and anyhow changed the school computer setting to KOREAN!!! Gosh... Please....not everyone understands korean or is computer-literate to change the settings.

Anyway... Since the worst is now over, I can slack a bit now. I'm left with Chem S, Bio MCQ, and Phy S. I'll be worried for phy s because some people are way too talented in this subject. And considering how terrible the core papers for physics were, I cannot expect anything less terrible for the s paper..