Saturday, April 27, 2019

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory (GAMF)

Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory (GAMF) is a museum dedicated to Gosho Aoyama and his most famous creation, Detective Conan. Although the name contains Gosho Aoyama, most of the exhibits are dedicated to Conan. I hardly see Yaiba which is also Gosho Aoyama's creation and the Kaito Kid featured is based more on his appearance in Detective Conan rather than his original appearance in Magic Kaito. However, we get a glimpse of Gosho Aoyama's real life: his childhood and a replica of his working room. Although photos are allowed, some displays with Aoyama Gosho's original sketches are not allowed to be photographed. So I only took photos of those Conan illustrations already published. I don't even dare to take photos of the replica of his working room.

Other than viewing things and taking photos, there are interactive sections with the voice-changer bowtie, Conan's skateboard video game where we get to ride on the skateboard to control it, and some computer mini games. The most exciting part, however, is the quiz which is also available in foreign languages. Basically just take the quiz question sheets and find the answers by reading the panels in the museum exhibits. Show the completed sheets to the staff and you will get a certificate. FYI, the quiz is not that simple and some questions really require careful reading or even counting the number of comics on display shelves. According to information in their website, at the next visit you can show this certificate to get 100 yen deduction for admission fee and then try the next level to get another certificate. I think it is a nice touch to make people on keep returning.

GAMF marks the other end of Conan Street and it is about 20 minutes walk  or about 1.3km from Yura Station. 20 minutes is exclusive the time taken for photos and detours but with all the attractions along the Conan Street, it is actually not a long walk. Other than the museum, there is Conan Shop that sells a lot of Tottori and GAMF-specific merchandises. The Conan Shop is also a tax-free shop so it is all the more reason to just shop. Hehe..

The area outside the actual building and the carpark also have Conan decorations so we will start from the outside and going to the inside.
Conan Street signage to mark the start/end of Conan Street
Kaito Kid at the carpark
Professor Agasa's VW Beetle near the carpark
Professor Agasa's VW Beetle
Professor Agasa inside his car
Granite stone monument with Conan illustration at the carpark
 Carpark lot number on the ground is also Conan-themed
External wall of the building that faces the Conan Street
At least Yaiba is not forgotten
Entrance of the Conan Shop
Entrance of the Conan Shop
Entrance to the museum. Although the shop and museum are connected inside, they have separate entrances outside.
Bronze statue of the Detective Boys near the entrance of the museum
Entering the museum now.
This welcomes visitors as we enter the museum. Turn right to pay for the entrance to the museum.

The museum feels claustraphobic at the entrance with these white statues. Not to mention that the relatively dark ambience and the coloured lighting on these white statues are so distracting. These statues are just the white version of the bronze statues that are found along the Conan Street.
"There is always one truth"
"Walk toward the Future"
"Waiting Time"
"Skateboard with Turbo-Engine"
"Solving a Mystery"
"A Day in Summer"
"Kicking-Power Strengthening Shoes"
Next to the staircase to go to the second floor
Sigh.. should have scrutinised this more carefully to see the statue #1 is just across the road :(
The section to the right of this is on Gosho Aoyama's childhood. I did not take photos as there are some of his childhood drawings.
2-in-1 wall
Conan from one side
Kid from the other side
Walls with already published Conan illustrations
More coloured illustrations
A section to show the global impact of Detective Conan
Collection of manga volumes in various languages
Where it all began for me
The next section on Professor Agasa's inventions are meant to be interactive
Voice-changer bow tie.
I did not take a photo of the skateboard minigame as that is quite popular.
How Conan has been featured in various activities in the town
Character wall
Merchandises from previous Conan-related events
Standee to promote the latest Conan movie: The Fist of Blue Sapphire. Behind this is a spiral staircase the level 2 (a different staircase from the one near the white statues in front)
More illustrations on the walls
Collection of Conan movie posters
Some mini video games
Can pretend as sleeping Kogoro here but that fire extinguisher is an eyesore
3D section is behind this Shinichi and Ran standees
3D projection from the back of the GAMF entrance ticket
More illustrations
Kaito Kid standee
Gigantic illustration on the main staircase
Top: the stamps are just for the sake of stamping (no perks whatsoever). Middle: the entrance ticket whose back can be used in the 3D projection (there are 3 types and I got the Kid's version). Bottom: Certificate for the First-Grade Manga Factory Meister Examination
Lastly, some GAMF or Tottori special merchandises that I bought. There is purikura as well which I shall not post since I do not post my photos here. The purikura costs 600 yen for 4 photos and I love the variety of the frames. Other than the usual Conan decorations as the frame, there are Tottori-themed frames, frames that look like manga panels, and frames based on Conan's illustrations. I did two rounds I regretted I did not do more.
400 yen for medallion (one is Tottori-themed and one is GAMF), 30 yen for engraving
I don't normally buy small towels but since these are Tottori-exclusive.. Oh wells.. 500 yen for the smaller ones and 600 yen for the one with the camel
I also don't normally buy hand fan.. 1500 yen each
Conan riding a camel (3600 yen), Conan eating watermelon (2000 yen), Conan with pear and watermelon which are famous fruit produce from Tottori (1200 yen each)
The tags showing that these plushies are unique to Tottori
What can be more unique from Tottori which is famous for its sand dunes if not sand sculptures: 2800 yen (Conan riding a camel) and 1500 yen (Kid and Conan)
Design of the souvenir carrier bag
Design of the plastic carrier bag