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Japan Trip Day 5: Tokyo Disneysea

I did not set any alarm because I was expecting that natural morning sunlight would wake me up and usually my sister would set up alarm. Unfortunately for this day, the alarm did not ring and the morning sunlight did not wake me up despite I already opened the curtain. We woke up at 730am and we were like "Oh shit!". Luckily today Disneysea opened at 9am and we reached at about 930am for the 35th Anniversary show. Somehow we still could get a space near the railing so the view was not obstructed. Sadly the show was short and not that nice.

After the show, we went to get fast pass for Toy Story Mania and the timing for the fast pass was already for 1935-2035. It would be quite tight for Fantasmic! show in the evening. I had breakfast to kill time while waiting for the Easter show. The crowd was crazy and we could not get a nice spot anymore. There is 1 "main stage" at the center and 1 "side stage" at each side of the Disneysea lake. I thought the show would rotate among the stages so I chose one of the "side stage" since we could stand at a kerb. Sadly my expectation was wrong: there was no rotation so basically what we watched at the side stage was not really the main thing. One interesting thing was that some characters were running from the side stage to the main stage and vice versa on the ground area so it was not a completely show on the water.

My greatest fear for the day seemed to be a reality. With 60% chance of precipitation, it started to drizzle at the end of the Easter show. Sianz.. There are not many Easter decorations in the park but there are some 35th Anniversary Mickey's statues. I was so pissed with my sister. It was so difficult to get a photo opportunity, she always ruined the end products. Sigh.. I decided to stop taking pictures altogether as it made angry instead of than happy.
One of the 35th Anniversary Mickey's statues. Apparently the statues can interact with the 35th Anniversary Memory Maker but I am not interested in accessories ba..
In order to avoid the drizzle for awhile, we went to try the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea since the wait time was only 5 minutes. We had not tried this before. Lucky we decided to try this quickly because after us, a lot of people had the same thought to go here to avoid the drizzle. Lol. The attraction is super dark. Yes it suits the theme but as far as an attraction goes, it is too dark to be enjoyable. The journey under the sea is not bumpy or exciting and the things to see outside our submarine are also not exciting. I think it is an attraction worth skipping next time. Lol.

We then took a fast pass for Indiana Jones and went to try Aquatopia. Aquatopia looks nice and has caught my interest since December. Perhaps because of the weather forecast, today was not a busy day and the wait for this was very short (about 10 minutes) compared to what I saw in December. The ride itself was not as exciting and as nice as what I imagined when looking from afar. Well I can't complain since the queue was short anyway.

I decided to split up because I wanted to take character photos while my sister wanted to play the mini game at Abu's bazaar. My main target is Minnie at the Disneysea's entrance since I don't have the photo with her Disneysea outfit. Honestly my legs were so tired and I decided to take the boat (Transit Steamer Line). I did not have to queue as when I reached there, the whole line was enough to get on to the next boat. It was an enjoyable and relaxing ride. I think it is better than the Electric Railway too. Hehe but if there is a long queue for it, I will still choose to walk.

When I reached the entrance, the character greeting was with Mickey again. Aaah :( Since it was drizzling, the photo location was moved to the covered area outside the shop. So I did not mind to queue again to get a photo with Mickey with a different background. There was a shift change at 130pm and Minnie was out. Sadly she took a break at 155pm T_T When the session resumed at 215pm, it was Mickey again. Damn it.. if only I was 5-6 earlier in the line T_T I also asked 3 different staff about Photokey card but it seemed that it is only for Japanese :( At least my thick skin to ask got me an answer to my curiosity.

Although my legs were still so tired, I had to chiong back to Indiana Jones. I passed by the photo place at Arabian Coast and it was Stitch and Angel together. I would not be interested if it was either or. But to have both, I would not mind to queue here later. Indiana Jones is actually quite a fun ride. I got the first row again so during the photo, I could see my face quite obviously. I do not really collect photos during ride but I must say that so far my luck at Disneysea has been pretty good. In December, I also got the first row at Tower of Terror.

After that, I queued for 35 minutes for the photo with Stitch and Angel. Because of the drizzle, there was no official photographer leh :( Stitch took notice of Genie in my Aladdin t-shirt and was playing with it. Lol so embarrassing because I am so fat leh.

We took fast pass for Raging Spirits before walking over to the front again for the Easter show at 430pm. We found a spot to watch the main stage but the weather was getting worse and the show had to be cancelled halfway due to rain T_T It was a good call from Disneysea as the rain was so heavy that I decided to eat dinner first while hoping the rain would stop. The rain did not stop and I had no choice but to buy an umbrella. It was a difficult decision between a 1000 yen big umbrella which likely I had to throw away because it will not fit into my luggage vs a more expensive folded umbrella which I can bring home but likely will not protect me from the rain just now. I am glad that I chose the big umbrella because even with it, I was still drenched. Haiz..

With that, I had to say goodbye to Raging Spirits. Raging Spirits is an outdoor roller coaster so it would definitely be wet in this weather. With nothing to do, I decided to take photo with Donald. With drenched shoes and socks, I decided to buy socks since I lost my spare socks after doing laundry yesterday. I bought a set of 3 pairs for 1900 yen. I waited for about 30 minutes for photo with Donald.  I asked about the Photokey card again but I got the same answer. If only I can understand Japanese.

After that, I took photo with Goofy since the wait was only 15 minutes. By this time, the rain lightened a little bit. My sister wanted to try Abu's Bazaar again and because the rain, there was no queue, I did not mind to try. Well I obviously suck in this kind of game. However I am not surprised that a lot of people are winning. If they never change the game, once someone gets the hang of it, he can keep trying and keep winning subsequently. Anyway each person is only allowed to purchase 1 game per queue so it is quite difficult to keep trying until I can get the hang of it in just 1 visit. The consolation prize is a pin which is quite big and quite nice in quality so it is not too bad.

The rain seemed to lighten even more and I was hoping that it would stop. My feet were disgustingly wet at this time so I wanted to rest at Sinbad's Voyage. Seriously this is the most underrated attraction at Disneysea but I don't mind since it means there is always not queue. Hehe.. Unfortunately by the time it was over, the rain got heavy again and I was quite sure Fantasmic! would be cancelled just like the Easter show earlier. We had time just for 1 more attraction before our fast pass for Toy Story. I took photo with Minnie while my sister chose Mickey. Surprisingly despite the heavy rain and the queueing area at the Greeting Trails is not covered, there were still a lot of people who wanted to take photos here leh :( I queued 35 minutes for Minnie and no more chance to take photo with Mickey. At least I got Mickey with the Disneysea attire outside earlier.

While walking towards Toy Story, I realised that Fantasmic was still performing despite the rain. Why liddat T_T If I knew, I would rather watch that than taking the last photo with Minnie. Sigh.. Anyway Toy Story Mania is really fun and I can understand why this is the most popular ride. It is not only a ride but also an interactive shooting mini game. I had fun with this. There are score and accuracy and I did not care about the accuracy. I was simply spamming my shoots. Lol.

At the end of Toy Story, the fireworks were up so we missed again. Bleah.. At the start of the day, I wanted to be in the park until the closing and the rain ruined everything. Although it was only 9pm, we decided to call it the day. My feet were painful because of the tiredness as well as the wetness. I decided to buy a 3900 yen shoes because tomorrow is Disneyland and there is no way I will survive with wet shoes if they don't dry overnight.

Although I had fun experiencing the rides and getting a photo with Stitch and Angel, it is a disappointing Disneysea day today: I did not get to take photo with Minnie in Disneysea outfit, the Easter show was cancelled in the afternoon, and I missed the evening shows. I suppose the lesson from today is to also take note of weather forecast when choosing a day to visit.
Can't believe I spent >5000 yen for these out of necessity T_T

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