Saturday, May 5, 2018

Busy Saturday

My carousell listing for FF6 Opera House was sold! Yay! It is bought by the same person who bought FF Chrome Locke figurine from me last year. This is my third international selling and I think I should put a disclaimer of the 5% paypal fee or I will keep losing a bit of money. With the demise of my laptop last year which wiped out my financial notes, I had no idea how much I earned or lost from selling this item.
Sold it for $200
Today is the first Saturday in May which means it is the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Deadpool made a surprise visit at Kinokuniya and oh boy he was not that popular. I still had regret that I did not take photo with him though :( I was quite paiseh because only few little kids approached him also. Haiz.. Oh well I am not a fan of him anyways. It was a good cosplay though as the guy inside was really tall. Maybe an angmoh?

I cannot feel the wonder and excitement of FCBD anymore maybe because the past few years I always missed it due to work. This year Kinokuniya is nice that members could "reserve" for $10 in January. I did not have to queue today as I already reserved and I got a $10 voucher in exchange of the $10 paid. So the comics are still free anyway. There was nothing that I wanted to buy so that made it even less exciting. There was lucky dip for a minimum spending of $150 wow.. Even if I had something to buy, I would not spend that much. I suppose the most fun FCBD I had was when they invited one of the comic artists to come and I hope they will repeat such events.

I decided to give up on my first class waiting list for my trip to Japan at the end of this month. I checked the hotel rate and I decided not to spend an additional $250 assuming the wait list went through. While I can understand that aircraft change is something that will happen at times, I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with the way SQ handles this. Not only they bumped me down from first class to business, there is no compensation at all. Even the expiry of the 'refunded' miles is based on the original date instead of from today. The new flight is quite full and I cannot change to a better seat. I suppose I have to be happy that at least I get the window seats although I am 1 row behind the bassinet. Sigh. I just hope the person in front of me will not have kids. Haiya sibei sian liao la spoil my mood.

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