Sunday, April 22, 2018

Pleasant to peasant

2 weeks are over and here I am now back to my peasant life. As always the last 2 days are always reserved for tidying up my comic cupboard and figurine cabinet. I always dread the anticipation but I always feel the joy in the midst and after doing it. After all it feels like the only time for me to get closer and pay attention to my stuff. Otherwise they just feel like "stuff" and I am a hoarder who just buy and put things aside. I spent a significant amount of time playing Tsum Tsum and the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game or else I would have more time flipping through my anime artbooks. The past few days had been tiring as hell as well since I found a Youtube webseries and I was catching up until 3am. Never would I imagine myself watching a Mandarin series lol. Sadly the series is banned and hence is just left 'hanging' after 15 episodes.

I am just done unpacking my luggage and tidying up my clothes. I took this opportunity to sort out some clothes to be given away. I got a new bedsheet as birthday present so I have decided to donate away my old one as I do not want to keep more than 2 bedsheets. Then I realised that my very first bedsheet was still in the cupboard. It is not nice to donate clothings once they are torn or not wear-able anymore. Some of my clothes are more than a decade old but they are still in very nice conditions. I still wear them even when I am travelling overseas. With all the memories and nostalgia, it is very difficult to decide but in the end I decide that there is no point I am keeping so many t-shirts. Even if I rotate them regularly every weekends, each piece may only be worn 3-4x a year at most.

After a few emails with SQ, I finally got a confirmation that I still have reserved seats with Business Class while on waiting list for First Class so at least my holiday in May is confirmed. I should make a decision soon if I should just call and cancel the waiting list since it does not make sense to pay an extra night. I shall wait until I check the hotel rate if it is >$200 then I shall just settle with the red eye flight :(

Haiz I am dreadful to come back but at least I have another 2 days delay with the course tomorrow and the day after.

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