Saturday, April 7, 2018

After 1 year

Wow.. the unlucky streak from last week continued this week. I sacrificed my time to arrange staff interview on my own and yet I could not hire them. One is because he is a foreigner. I did not know that we cannot hire foreigners anymore. Sigh.. I was so damn bloody pissed with HR. It has been so many months and there are not many candidates sent to me. Among the few sent, more than half were rubbish quality. Now that my colleague tried to source candidates on our own and we got a good one, everything was just shot down easily.

I am pissed with the other one because in the evening after the interview and I told HR that I wanted, the person who recommended me the candidate 2 weeks ago said that she had second thoughts about the candidate. Kns! Okay I should not be that ungrateful because at least initially she wanted to help but hey this was the second time she recommended someone "good" which turned out to be quite rubbish. To be fair, I usually do not do reference check and I tend to be too nice and trusting. But for this time since I had to inform HR to cancel my offer, I asked another friend for cross reference to confirm that this candidate might not be so good. The worst part is she lied. Well everyone lies during interview but I hate liars. So after what I thought to be the end of the tough manpower situation at work turned out to be back to square one all over again.

Anyway I had my sweet "revenge" during the session with the big boss on Thursday. Hehe the HQ people were shocked with the kinds of questions that my staff asked: more leave, more time off, comfortable shoes, and so on. I hope that lets gives them a reality check that there are so many shit staff who do not give a damn about work and how we are all burning at the ground having to manage them.

I did last minute packing this time around as I did not bring any toys at home: partly due to rumours of more irritating customs at the airport and also because my room at home is also already full of things. Sadly things were not peaceful as on the last minute, my aunt asked me to get Lim Chee Guan. The thing was she only sent me a picture of the packaging which stated the brand name but not the exact item that she wanted.

I was very restless at work today as time was tight until my flight and I still had to do some shopping. Luckily today ended relatively early and at about 115pm I could not be bothered and took my leave already. It was raining so heavily so it was a constant adrenaline rush. Thankfully everything was great and I was not late. In the airport, I still had to find a wine that my dad asked. I was lucky to find Guardian to get my Metronidazole gel there. I wanted to get it at Junction 8 but it was the lunch time for the pharmacists. Lucky I did not wait another 20 minutes until the end of the lunch time otherwise definitely I would be late.

Finally I am home now for the holiday I have been waiting for and looking forward to. Since I went to Japan during December holiday, I did not really spend time home so this is like a holiday home after 1 year.

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