Thursday, April 12, 2018


Well it is official. I am old. Birthday is no longer a happy occasion and in fact internally I cannot be bothered about birthday anymore. It no longer bothers me if noone wishes me birthday on facebook and I find it irritating having to reply those whatsapp messages. The only unchanged thing is my self-treat for a dessert on birthday lol. This year I tried Pablo because I am curious of all the hypes surrounding it. The cheese tart is good but the matcha and chocolate versions are disappointing. I thought the matcha and chocolate versions are the same cheese cream mixed with matcha and chocolate respectively. They turn out to be like a matcha cake and chocolate cake and that is why they are not as nice as the cheese version. The cheese cake smoothies also does not really taste like cheese cake which disappointed me because it was extra calories for nothing great. Lol.
Birthday wallpaper from AAA global fanclub. Definitely a nicer design than last year.
Before this holiday, I still had thoughts of secretly finding a cheap air tickets to spend a week in Japan. I have a complete change of mind now haha.. I do not even find any tickets as I am enjoying my room and my home that much. Yes nothing can beat the "coming home" feeling as a holiday. I have 1 year worth of manga to read and honestly I feel like giving up Kuroko no Basket and Ace of Diamond. I am not saying that they are not nice but the Indonesian manga version is waaay to slow and having watched the anime series till the end, reading the manga is not that exciting.

I received a sad birthday present from SQ. There is an aircraft change for my May flight to Japan. I have a First Class redemption and now the aircraft is changed to the new B787 which does not have First Class. Haiz.. I am not going to spend money for an international call so I shall sort it out once I am back in Singapore. It is a pain to contact SQ with facebook page messaging is answered by bot and there is no dedicated email address for reservation. I sent an email to generic address and the automated reply says 3 business days to be expected for a reply. Sigh.. what a pathetic customer service for the so-called world class airline.

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