Sunday, March 25, 2018

Rental storage space

This cough is damn irritating. Looks like the 1 week of Augmentin was not working although at least I did not have the fever anymore so work and life must still go on. Actually life is affected as I only went to gym 3x this week as I feel that the cough and phlegm is bothersome enough.

After signing up with Extra Space last Saturday, I completed my moving this week. Just nice since my landlord and landlady went to Malaysia from Wednesday to Friday. I do not want them to know I am moving some of my stuff hahaha.. I rented a van via Gogovan and although the distance from my home to Extra Space is quite near, the charge is quite expensive for $35. Of course it is still cheaper than multiple trips by taxi or Grab or Uber considering how big my boxes are. I decided to store all Tsume boxes here since the boxes are so bulky and I do not think I will want to pack back my Tsume statues into the boxes.

For record purpose, the size of my locker is 1.10m (depth) x 1.22m (width) x 1.31m (height). The sizes of the Tsume boxes are Virgo 82cm x 60cm x 49cm, Shiryu 78cm x 50cm x 48cm, Leo 77cm x 46cm x 45cm, and Ikki 48cm x 38cm x 35cm, It was quite pointless planning how to store to maximise the space as on the day itself, everything was not in optimal condition to execute the plan. Firstly my locker is on the upper shelf (for obvious reason the lower shelf is more popular) so it is not easy to maneuver my body as well as these bulky boxes. Secondly I wore my working clothes so it was not easy to climb with my working pants. Lastly the trolley ladder that is available is lousy. It is not stable at all so safety is ultimately the main priority.
So this is the best arrangement that I could have. I just hope whatever is still inside the boxes are not damaged :( I think Ikki has an alternate face, Shaka has an alternate face, and Aiolia has an alternate face and lighting bolt effect. The remaining half of the space will be for Sagitarius and Cancer when they are out. Sigh what a sad life: buy toys => not enough space => rent space => buy more toys => and so on. With 20%, the storage fee per month is $55. I think it is justifiable to have more space and retain my sanity in the room.

An uncle of mine is in Singapore currently for hip replacement surgery. The surgery was on last Sunday but because I was still taking antibiotic, I avoided meeting him. I went to visit on Tuesday after completion of my antibiotic and that day happened to be my aunt's birthday as well. With the current concern of healthcare costs in Singapore, it is quite scary to see what is happening at the private hospital. My aunt shared with me that initially the estimation given was $34k (excluding the surgeon fee and what paid in the surgeon's clinic). My aunt returned to the surgeon as before the surgery, the estimation was $34k for everything. The surgeon made a change in the form and when my aunt went back to admission, the estimation became $14k. Seriously.. they should do something to the providers instead of punishing patients or the insurance holders sia.

Yesterday was my off day so I could help my aunt with the discharge. I had my hernia surgery there a few years ago so I am a bit familiar with the discharge process and how to interpret the bills etc. Since I was already there, I decided to be thick skin to ask my aunt to pass me the cash while I used my credit card to earn miles. Haha.. If only I was not sick last week and I went with them during admission, I could even get more miles.

I do not play FF XV but I am tempted with the artbook. Kinokuniya member sale is finally here and I just bought the book today. Honestly I was tempted to get the Collector's Edition which includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the team. The 1 month wait since the first time I saw the display at Kinokuniya until the sale today allowed me to be more rational. Haha.. Yesterday I tried to find the review and I decided to just get the Limited Edition ($244.50 before sale). I like the cover better than the regular release ($78.50) but shockingly the regular release was already out of stock o_0 Actually it is quite crazy that the price triples simply for a different cover, a packaging box (although it is an amazing box) and 2 art prints. Of course the biggest shock is that the Collector's Edition is exactly the same as Limited Edition except for the additional certificate of authenticity but the price is $468. $200 over just for 1 piece of paper, I am not that crazy thank you very much. Haha.. When I went today, there were only 2 copies of the Limited Edition and the display in the glass cupboard was already replaced with something else. Wow.. I really do not expect this to be so popular leh.
The Art and Design of FF XV

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