Sunday, January 28, 2018

FF cafe

The hype is real when I saw the announcement of Final Fantasy pop-up cafe at Watanabe Coffee, Shaw House. It turns out to be quite disappointing after the details are out: there is only 1 menu which is Moogle curry rice and special drink. Initially I wanted to wait until yesterday but I could not wait longer and went on Friday evening after gym instead. The special menu was already sold out. Sibeh sian! Some of the merchandises were already sold out too and that was only on the 3rd day from opening sia. I bought 2 Squall mini-plush that I did not buy in Japan and Lightning. Cloud was already sold out. Not surprising considering his popularity. The price is $30 which is a few cents cheaper than the price at Latendo if I were to pre-order these few months ago.
Another big disappointment after big hype is for this Digimon artbook that was just delivered yesterday. The paper quality is actually good but what makes me super disappointed is it does not have a complete list of the Digimons. Yes bolded and underlined to emphasize my irritation. Gomamon (and his further evolution) is not even featured and he is one of the digimons from the first Digi-destined sia. Lucky I only bought 1 book.

With this constant shopping, I have really given up on storage space. I enquired about the storage space facility and I have decided to spend additional $100 a month for the storage when Tsume Aiolos statue is delivered. I know it is stupid to spend that just for boxes but oh well T_T This hobby is really expensive but ultimately what's the point of earning money sacrificing everything if not to enjoy it.

That brings me to the latest headache at work this week. 1 staff is having family issues and would like to work in a more flexible hours. It sucks when HR and HQ cannot make any decision and leave the decision to me. Sigh.. It always the case: pass all the shit decision making to us at the branch while they keep all the decision making power for the good things like promotions.

It is a difficult decision because on one side I think the staff is in a pinch but on the other side I have to manage the rest of the staff. What if everyone also starts finding reasons (or perhaps "excuses" is a more suitable word for the rest)? Surprisingly I am the one who is more inclined to give while the rest which are usually nicer people have more reservations. It is quite irritating to get people to think and vote if they are simply sitting on the fence. My boss already said that this is not a decision to made on my own but must be a team's decision and hence I need others to vote. Yes you can ask questions, what ifs, etc but ultimately what I need is a yes and a no, not "anything" and not "follow you all lah". This may sound arrogant but I guess this is another reason why I am given this shitty leadership position as I still can somehow make my mind and decide on a vote when shit like this happens. I ask them to think over the weekend for final vote taking tomorrow. I am really praying that the staff somehow can solve the problem without the need of this flex arrangement. May God hear me since I have been good and miraculously manage to attend Sunday masses for 4 consecutive Sundays.

I received a note book from Red Cross earlier this week and I saw that there is a medallion for the 10th and 25th donation. I was only contacted to get my 5th donation many years ago. So this afternoon during the blood donation, I decided to be thick skin and asked anyway. Hahaha. The medallion for the 10th donation is available there so the person gave me one. For the 25th I was asked to contact Red Cross directly. Alamak.. I hate to ask things like this because it looks as if I am asking for recognition when in reality I am just a sucker for medallions sia. Lol I treat the as some collectibles. And that just reminds me that I somehow misplaced the completion medal for the Spongebob run a few years ago sia. Haiz..

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