Sunday, December 31, 2017


It is the last day of 2017, it is the end of my holiday, and I am finally home. We had so much fun on our own in Tokyo that we literally did not buy anything to give to our parents at home or our colleagues at work. Lol. So no choice but to do last minute shopping at the airport. It is quite ironic that after spending a week in Tokyo, the best meal that I had was the meal in the airport. That is Japanese standard that even their meal at the airport is fantastic. I had okonomiyaki and kushiyaki (beef skewers). I had been craving for okonomiyaki after seeing it at one of the kombinis when we explored Shinagawa in the first night. Unfortunately the 7-11 nearest to the hotel never carried okonomiyaki. The kushiyaki was fantastic. I almost wanted to get 1 more stick and I was glad that I did not. I went to the waiting area during "final call" so if I had another stick, I would be late.

The flight back was less enjoyable than the flight to Japan. I decided to try sake during flight and that knocked me out. I knew I could not drink but I just quickly wanted to finish the cup so that I could sleep. So I was flushed, woke up a few times to go toilet, and then finally woke up for real because a stupid kid was screaming. I can understand if it was an infant or a baby but this was just a bratty toddler. Jeez..

Before reaching home, I asked my dad to drop by at Multi Toys first. Finally my toys are ready for collection. Fiuh.. After this I swear that I will never ever pre-order from here anymore.

After dinner at home, I went to Mal Kelapa Gading with my sisters and my dad. My dad wanted to get screen protectors and changed his sim card for his iPhone 8+ while I wanted to buy tidbits to bring back to Singapore since I am lazy to go out tomorrow. The current food fad in Jakarta is this mango juice that has mango pieces, mango juice, and mango smoothies in a cup on top of each other. I felt so full after 1 big cup. It is actually quite nice but I still prefer bubble tea.

Back at home now, all I have on my mind is about doing laundry. My winter clothes can wait but my jeans and shirts must be settled by tomorrow or I have nothing to wear to go back to Singapore. My luggage cannot be properly packed yet since all the clothes are not ready yet. Tomorrow will be a tiring day.

So that marks the end of 2017. Usually my last post of the year is my reflection of the year but I think I am too tired for that now. For now, wishing everyone a happy 2018 :)

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