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Japan Trip Day 6: Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Welcome Center opens at 730am and our initial plan was to reach there at that time so that we could quickly enjoy Disneyland once it opens. I was quite irritated with how slow my sister was in the morning. I knew it was winter and we might not be so early but to be 2 hours behind plan was just too much. Luckily we could leave our luggage at the hotel for the next few days.

At the Welcome Center, we dropped by our luggage that we will use for our stay at Disneyland and then collected our Vacation Package: maps and guides, multi-day pass, Disney Resort Line pass, the fast passes, ticket for Chef Mickey breakfast, ticket for Big Band Beat, ticket for free drinks, ticket for exclusive items, and ticket holder with lanyard. The way they handled and showed the Vacation Package really made me feel like this was a VIP stuff. Lol.

Since we have the Resort Line pass for unlimited train ride, it was a no-brainer to take the train to the Disneyland. There were some decorations at the stations that I wanted to take photos with but I skipped them first as I was more excited to go to Disneyland as soon as possible.

When we entered Disneyland, there was already a queue for photo shoot with Minnie at the front garden. Unfortunately the queue was stopped for this session and we were told that the next session would be at 1130. I was pissed with my sister who wanted to take photos with those loitering characters. I am not a fan of taking photos with many photobombers behind and I really wanted to take photos with Mickey, Donald, and Daisy who have their own character greeting house or room. The queues for them could be many hours and that was why I felt so rushed. Donald and Daisy are especially important since I have never have photos with them whether from Disneyland Paris or Disneyland Tokyo.

As usual my sister did not eat breakfast so I suggested that we ate early lunch before the crowd at the eateries became crazy. After lunch, it was past 11am so I told my sister we should go back to queue for Minnie. Although I hate taking photos outside, I also have no photo with Minnie so we shall do it. I honestly am very impressed with whoever inside the costume as s/he really plays the character very well and genuinely. Tokyo Disneyland is still very stingy with the photos: only 1 from official photographer and 1 from own camera. Thankfully the character will always think different poses for the 2 shots.

From there, we went to Westernland to look for Donald and Daisy. Of course we got distracted for photos along the way with Cinderella's Castle, Snow White's well, etc. I still could not get a photo with Cinderella's Castle background devoid of people but the crowd was definitely much less than when I came here 2 years ago. We also passed by the stage for the show Minnie Oh! Minnie which will be discontinued permanently from March next year. It was almost show time and there were still seats so my sister went in. I chose to watch from outside because I wanted the sunlight to warm me up. I find the show quite great since the singers were singing live. Sadly the audience gave a rather muted applause for them. I also think that I made the correct choice not to have our free show ticket from the Vacation Package for this show since we managed to watch it anyway.

The queue for photo taking with Donald and Daisy was about 40-45 minutes each and I really enjoyed taking photos in this setting: without people photobombing. I enjoyed the interaction with them as they were really trying to personalise the pose and would think of various poses. I was very conscious with my attire and I was deciding between zipping up my jacket fully which would make me look plain vs unzipping the jacket so that my white inner heat tech would be visible for more colors. I went with the later and sadly my tummy showed :( I am damn fat can T_T

After photo with Donald and Daisy, it was time for the parade. It is winter and I felt relieved when I saw the crowd waiting for the parade was not as mad as 2 years ago when I went in summer. We started waiting quite late but we could still get a nice spot and generally the seated people were only 3 layers. I remembered 2 years ago, it was full of people all the way until people could be standing on the bench and on the hedge. I suppose these people are still sane after all. The parade is still the same as 2 years ago although I am not sure if there are changes here and there. Nonetheless I still took photos of the parade.

I was freezing by the time the parade was over but I wanted to get it over and done with taking photos with Mickey. Waiting time was 80 minutes which was definitely better than 2-3 hours that I expected. I felt quite disappointed as Mickey was wearing the conductor's attire and I already had a photo with that attire. However, Mickey was very friendly and was stroking my shoulder where he put his hand during the photo taking. Kawaiii!!! Hahaha.. When I was checking the photo taken with my camera, he also pretended to want to take a look.

By this, I really thought I would already die because of the cold. I put on an extra layer with my ultra down jacket and put on my gloves yet I still could not get myself warm. It was still 5pm+ so I wanted an early dinner to avoid the crowd but it seemed that everyone was also getting cold and the food court was full! Thank goodness we were lucky to get an empty tablet. After the meal, I still could not get warm. I told my sister that I really wanted to check in to the hotel first to get myself warm. I was not going to wait for the Electrical Parade now and I did not mind missing it since I already watched it previously. She was also freezing and hence she agreed. We collected the exclusive gift for Vacation Package (I chose the picture frame) and the photo prints with Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Mickey today before going to the hotel. I also bought heat pads or kairo for standby.

Disney Resort Line operates in only 1 direction: from Welcome Center to Disneyland to Bayside Station to Disneysea and then back to Welcome Center. It might be quicker to just walk back to the Welcome Center and to the Disney Hotel Ambassador than taking the train trip for 1 round but with this freezing situation, survival came first. Lol.

The check in process at the hotel was pleasant and efficient. I was pleasantly surprised that a bellboy escorted us all the way to hotel room and with the luggage. When showing us the room, he tried to be friendly by striking conversation that he noticed that I like Mickey while he likes Donald. I felt bad for trying to end the conversation quickly but we were really in a hurry to go back to Disneyland so that we did not miss the Electrical Parade.

We reached Disneyland back at about 740pm and the Parade already started. It had not passed the central area yet so we still could watch it. With warmth (and life) back to our bodies, this was the first time we utilised our free drinks! With all that, we just found the most convenient open space that we could find. However there were already so many people and I could not take any photos from that spot. There are some differences with the Electrical Parade that I watched 2 years ago as now there are Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. Because of this, I decided that on the last night in Tokyo (aka 2 days later), I will be back for this parade to take photos. Lol. I made the right call to get the Kit Kat Tokyo Banana yesterday or otherwise I would have no time to buy it.

The firework show was more amazing that I remembered. It was unimaginable that there would be firework which appeared like flower or Mickey's head. Really amazing.

The crowd seemed to thin down from here on. Thus there were a bit more space to take pictures with Cinderella's Castle at night. Still it could not be totally empty and I was absolutely angry at my sister. I had no problem taking her photos but when her turn to help me take, it was always dark :( Seriously fuck it sia.. We were using exactly the same camera, standing at the same spot, and the only difference would be the photographer's skill.

The full benefit of staying at the hotel at Disneyland finally showed. As we did not have to quickly go home, we had the time to explore now that there were less people. We managed to play several attractions: Cinderella's Castle Tour, Mickey's Philharmagic, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and Pooh's Hunny Hunt. Usually I will not spend time to queue for the rides but for each of them it was about 5-10 minutes wait only so I might as well make use the time to the maximum until the closing time.

I enjoyed Mickey's Philharmagic the most although it was actually just a sitting down and enjoy a 3D clips of various Disney movies and songs. Cinderella's Castle Tour is not as wow as I thought. It did not feel like a walkthough in castle and decorations are quite random. Well partly because I am not a fan of Cinderella. The main attractions here perhaps are to take photo pretending trying to fit into the glass shoes (which as a guy I did not try) and to take photo at the king's throne. Pinocchio's ride is just normal and I don't expect much since Disneyland is said to have kiddy rides as opposed to Disneysea which is targeted more for adults. Pooh's Hunny Hunt is one of the more popular rides in Tokyo Disneyland so it was good that we experienced that with minimum queueing time and without using our fast pass from the vacation package. It is still kiddy but I can understand the hype because the ride is trackless so in some of the rooms it feels like we are spinning randomly.

The closing time is 10pm but they do not chase out people. They still admit people into attractions even at 959pm which I think is really fair for the park attendees. As we were going out, we got another free cocoa drink and that marks the end of the first day at Disneyland. 

We reach the hotel back at almost 1130pm and although we were very tired physically, we were very excited with the hotel room. Before we messed up the room, I wanted to take some shameless "commemorative" photos first for this 200000+ yen. Lol.

This hotel room is even bigger than Shinagawa Prince Hotel room as it can accommodate up to 4 people. Thus the toilet, bathroom, and sink are separated. The toilet is quite small but the bathroom is amazing: there is bathtub, there is shower, there is stool for Japanese-style bathing too. The room also has a balcony although I don't think we will enjoy that in this winter cold. Each day 3 bottles of Evian drinking water is also free. Sweet.

We felt really blown away and this 200000+ yen is really well spent for a YOLO experience haha.. We were so tired but when we played with the TV, we were glued like little kids watching what Tokyo Disney Resort has to offer to squeeze more money from us. Haha.. This is going to be a long night and tomorrow we have to wake up early for Chef Mickey breakfast but who cares about sleep when happiness is here :D
Just the sleeping area is already this huuuuuge
The design of the thing that covers the bedsheet (I don't know what this is called)
Some decoration
Another picture to decorate the room
Mickey pattern on the wallpaper
Mickey pattern on the lamp
Mickey at the mirror

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