Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Still no progress

Another quarter has passed and this is my result. As seen from the photo that I took after the test, I am getting lousier that I only took the picture halfway and did not realise about it. Haiz.. Anyway before I forget:
~Pull up hold: 38 sec
~Push up: 23
~Squat: 56
~Burpee: 23
~Tabata protocol: all the missing boxes should be 8

Ok la, actually I did show some improvement from the previous quarter. I actually wanted to slack a bit by choosing goblet squat and tabata with dumbbell initially. I did not think I could go any faster for my normal squat (my thighs were giving away and I nearly fell down after the test in July) and I always dropped the ball halfway for tabata and hence I wanted to just do a 5kg dumbbell.

The coach knew my intention and did not let me. So it was quite a surprise that I still could go even faster for my squat and I managed to not drop the ball for tabata. The coach asked me not to do so fast for the tabata as the aim would be to make sure that I had the ball all the way.

So the plan for me next would be to do jump pull up all the way (instead of slacking to squat pull again when I am lazy or tired) and I have to work on my stamina. I was told that I could go faster if I did not 'control' the movement so much. Usually I am concerned about the form and I do not want to be breathless so I will control my movement.

Previously I needed 3 days rest after a quarterly test before I could go for normal session. This time I went only after 2 days. I survived although I regretted that I did not wait another day. Hahaha.. but the fact that I survived means that this is another improvement to recover faster. But ultimately, the actual goal that I want is still not achieved: weight loss :(

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