Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Japan Trip Day 4: Nara

I was really looking forward for today for the deers in Nara. We stay so near Dotonbori and every morning we can take photo with the Glico man. Unfortunately my friends do not want :( The photos taken yesterday were enough for them. Emo.. haiz

As we left early, it was still quite cool and quiet when we reached Nara. The journey from Osaka was also less than an hour. While Kyoto was underwhelming yesterday, Nara blew my mind away. I was expecting that the deers would be only at the park but the deers were literally everywhere, even at the road side as we walked from the station to the park. My mom and sister went here before and they said would have deer shit smell but I did not smell anything so everything was good.

Initially as there were few people, I was quite scared to approach the deers as I did not know if the deers outside the park were used to humans. The desperation to experience petting deers and to take photos eventually overcame my initial fear. Outside the museum, there was a lone deer and I tried to approach her (yes no horn so it was a female). Aaah.. sugoi.. it was approachable and it happily closed its eyes as I was petting her. I could even see tears from her eyes T_T I don't know if it was because of the son or it was happy for me. I don't think it was sad because otherwise why it would want to be pet by me?

Deers are nice but humans sucked. Sigh.. I was so angry with my friends as they could not get good pictures :( It was so difficult to get nice pictures with the deers facing the cameras and yet they could not get a proportional picture (never zoomed in) or when they zoomed in, parts of my body or the deers body ended up cut. Haiz.. One friend was scared and refused to touch the deers while the other one was only willing after I tried to see if the deers were okay or not. Bleah..

The park had more tourists and I would recommend not to buy the deer food. The deers were gentle and calm but once there was food, they would chase after the food. I was quite pissed with the tourists who were screaming and scared during feeding. What did they expect?

Near the Todaiji Temple was the carpark and this was where the throng of tourists alighted. Honestly this place stank more than the deers. Guess where the tourists were from.. no prizes though. We did not enter the temple and we decided to go back. There was a spot near the lake where the temple could be seen and we took pictures there. Initially there was nobody and after we took photos, the tourists behind us wanted to. Tsk.. Stop following me and be creative la. So irritating.

We walked back and my friends had breakfast while I went shopping. I decided to only get a Shikamaro plushie instead of a deer plushie which is rather big although looks cuter. Shikamaro is the character mascot for Nara. Honestly I don't think it is super cute or what but I cannot leave a place that I enjoy without any souvenir.
We actually only spent about 2 hours at Nara and we decided to spend the rest of the day at Denden Town. We passed by Kuromon market and I was keeping a few stalls in mind for lunch on the way back or for the last day.

At Denden Town, I could not really find what I wanted to get: Free! books as well as Yuri on Ice books (I could only find one Yuri on Ice book). There was Conan Ultra Detail Figures but the set was missing Ran and I decided not to get. Anyway they are quite small so it is okay not to get them as there are larger sizes Conan figures out there. The surprise discovery, however, was Aladdin figure. Hehe..
Banpresto WCF Disney Story 00 Special Memories Vol 1
It was bundle of the vol 1 for 3800 yen and I got additional loose Aladdin for 600 yen. I saw some figures from vol 2 but it was not a complete set and I gave that a miss too.

After that we went back to Umeda as my friend finally decided to get something from Mandarake there. I wanted to visit Jump store and it was disappointing. Bleah.. I took some photos of the Jump store. I could get clear pictures without the crowd and I actually wanted to take photos outside the store :( But after the sucky attitude that my friend had this morning with the Nara pictures, I decided to just take photos without me. Haiz.. Save me the additional anger and irritation.

Haikyuu!! is clearly the theme but there are some Dragon Ball and One Piece items. I like Haikyuu!! but I am not a fan of mugs, keychains, pins, can badges, etc. So there is nothing for me to buy.
Jump store Osaka
 The side wall outside

My legs were so tired and I wanted to go home. Another friend was shitting and we had no idea why it took us so long. Then the friend who was with me reminded me that this place had Uniqlo and Disney store that I mentioned I wanted to visit yesterday. It seemed that all the tiredness made me forget all these things. Nonetheless, we decided to take a look rather than standing and doing nothing while waiting.

There was nothing to buy from Uniqlo as well with nothing interesting and nothing on sale. The bookstore at Lucua also had nothing I wanted. There was a Disney store as well with somewhat different item compared to the Shinsaibashi's store but similarly there was nothing to buy.

I have no idea how my legs will survive for USJ tomorrow sia T_T

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