Thursday, August 31, 2017

Running again

August passed and I survived the first month of my manager role. Thank God for all the help and support. It is a miracle things are not broken apart yet and I still survived.. just with more white hair and pimples. I have to be honest that lately my tyrannical side starts to surface. Gosh I know that this is one of my weaknesses that when noone is reining on me, I may just go crazy. Haiz.. Only God can help and rein me.

As part of training for the running event on 1st October, clinic organised a practice run at Toa Payoh Stadium on Wednesday. Wow.. that was my first time jogging again since my hernia surgery in 2014. For 5km, it would be 12.5 rounds in the inner lane. Obviously I did not complete and I gave up after 8 rounds haha... I did that in 20 minutes. It made completing 2.4km and cross country (4.8km) runs in my secondary school and JC more than a decade ago miracles. How the heck I completed them.. Well things remain the same: I would still fail my NAPFA.. and once I stopped a while to walk, there was no way I would be back up jogging till the end.

I am quite disappointed because all the time and money spent on gym for the past 9 months do not seem to bear any fruits :( Firstly I was even slower than I used to be :( Yes I know I am a more than a decade older now and bla bla bla but still :( I also only lasted for 20 minutes which is the usual duration of my gym sessions. Yet I felt as tired as the quarterly testing. Even more weird, I found my arms more tired than my thighs. Alamak.. arms were just swinging lightly for balance leh. So can't gym today, tomorrow gym is closed for public holiday, and saturday I can't go too.

On a good note, Final Fantasy Mobius Anniversary month has come to an end too. I did not get anything good from the boosted greater summon pulls. However, I got Tonberry and Zidane jobs from the free daily pull. I am hoping for Squall but I guess I should not be complaining. It is still better to get something than nothing.
I can only say that I am used to seeing Zidane in SD form. This will be what Zidane would look like if FF IX is made in normal scale. So awkward haha...

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