Saturday, June 24, 2017

Square zero

All the effort in the past 1 month to work on my CPIP is officially in the drain now. Last week I received the 'bomb' from HQ to inform me that I should avoid anything pertaining to medication reconciliation for now. HQ is planning to standardise the workflow so it is best that I try not to create something new again. Of course I am disappointed.. all the data collection, all the talks to gain support from other departments, even the meeting arrangement.. Haiz..

I guess I am old enough to accept this kind of thing at work. So just move on and find another idea. With the meeting with facilitator on next Wednesday, I am back in square zero now! Not even at square one since I don't even know what I am going to do. I am still doing some detective work to see if the next idea about renal dose adjustment will be a good topic. I finished screening through 350000 (yes 350k) lines in excel file to find the golden 160 lines that I am looking for for my background data collection. This is a data based on the prescriptions and I am still waiting another half of the data before eventually able to decide on the new project title. Bleah.

Recently I am feeling more and more tired that my naps tend to over till the next morning. With the long weekend coming, I finally decided to go to my aunt's home tonight to pass her stuff that I brought since my April trip home. Ouch.. In fact I was even thinking of going over in September after my trip to Osaka so that I can also send some souvenirs but I realised that one of the stuff is expiring in October. Lol. So yes I better go now since I can (over)sleep for the next 2 days.

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