Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dropped the bomb

After 1 month of rumours and speculations, the big bomb was finally dropped this morning. Yes, I have to be the in-charge at my current place. There was no question, there was no discussion, it was straight away: congratulations and your appointment letter is on your way.

No matter how this is going to be sugar coated, it is not going to change the fact that I don't want this. If it is something good, everyone will be fighting over it. When nobody wants it, it is obvious that this is a bad deal. I don't even have mixed feeling about this. What I feel is all negative about this.

Ultimately, what are the perks for all the additional shits? I heard the additional allowance is going to be $200. That is not even $10 extra per day and is completely meaningless compared to the additional responsibilities and stress. Will it mean a higher grade for appraisal? I doubt it.. Even without being in-charge, I have twice gotten the 2nd best grade available and the only increase is to the best which I don't think will ever happen to me. So what is the point of taking all the extra shit for the same grade? Haiz..

Perhaps I should learn to be more grateful.. because perhaps there are people who are aiming for this post.. I don't know. More over, I have always wished that I can earn above 5k by the time I reach 30. With the additional allowance, I will be able to achieve that goal. Sorry for my ungratefulness, God :( But at this point of my life, I simply can't be bothered about things anymore. I just want to slack and enjoy life. I don't need extra stress and extra shit for the extra money that I don't even know what I am going to use it for.

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