Sunday, April 30, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was satisfying beyond my expectations so I could not wait to be surprised similarly with the sequel. Of course I was not as excited for this as compared to the Avengers and I did not realise that the movie was already out on Thursday. I used a free movie ticket from Cathay to watch it tonight. That is quite interesting since I watched the first movie using free Gold Class ticket. Haha..

There is not much to talk about the story because I don't think there is really much about the story. In fact, I really think the story is disappointing as it is not about the saving the world from a cosmic danger. Yes Ego can destroy the whole world if he is successful but I feel that the movie is more about saving Star Lord from his crazy father and for the Guardians of the Galaxy to escape the exploding planet. It is CG everywhere that even the fights and action scenes are not that exciting. There is a bit more touching moments but for most parts of the movies, members of the Guardians are separated and have little screen time together.

Despite the poor story and the relatively little screen time of the characters together, I enjoyed the movie so much because the jokes are really hilarious. Unlike the first movie that seems to use a lot of 'ass' and 'dick' to drive the joke, this time the jokes are my kind: the mean, sharp, and acerbic kind of jokes. The whole cinema was laughing heartily so definitely I am not messed up for enjoying the kind of jokes: calling people ugly, calling people disgusting, calling people beautiful 'only in the inside', and many more. The jokes make everything enjoyable enough for me to even consider watching this again, despite the rather weak plot. Interesting eh?

The movie is quite generous with 5 after ending credit scenes. Baby Groot is so cute and funny in this movie. Now that he is shown as a teenager in one of the after ending credit scene, I am wondering if there will be a volume 3 and it will still be as funny.

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