Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I'm home now and it is time to inject some life back to my dying laptop that can only be connected to the internet through cable. I think it really cannot make it: it takes 15 minutes to boot up and the bottom gets hot very quickly that I did not dare to leave it on overnight to play my lullaby. I guess that forces me to disconnect from the online world to enjoy my life.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. That is the first hardcopy book that I managed to read in I don't know how many years! Although I don't consider mangas, comics, and e-books as proper books, it is still quite sad. After all, before the internet era, I consider reading as my hobby. I shall take the chance to finish Fantastic Beast (the movie version) and its movie making books as well.
For a spoilers lover, it is quite a feat for me not to find out what the story is all about for this long. Haha.. I only know a little bit from Harry Potter wikia and I thought the new characters i.e the kids of the original Harry Potter characters are interesting enough. Nothing about the plot whatsoever. After reading the book and typing this, I realise that I share similar sentiments with many other readers: the story is quite horrible. I am quite surprised that the words that I am using to describe this is also similar: this is like a badly written FANFIC.

Not sure if I am older now but I sort of hate stories that involve time travel because of the butterfly effect thingy. Harry Potter did this in the Prisoners of Azkaban but when I read that, it was not that bad. In the Cursed Child, the time travel became a huge mess as it created alternate realities. I think Scorpius going back twice to the same moments just repair the mess is also quite ridiculous, although not impossible. Other than AU (alternate universe), the other fanfic-y aspect is the bromance between Albus and Scorpius. I am cool with 2 guys being good friends and all that but the descriptions of them hugging and touching each other make those moments rather gay awkward rather than about friendship moments. Seriously, there is nothing weird and awkward with guys being friends and they are hugging or touching each other. Okay touching sounds not right but I am referring to those normal friendship moments like pushing each other, punching each other on the arm/shoulder, or even putting arm around a friend are completely normal.

I also feel that half of the book is about revisiting those Harry Potter scenes that we are familiar with: Triwizard Tournament, Harry and the Dursleys, and the night when Voldemort killed James and Lily. Definitely there is not enough original story in the continuation of Harry Potter universe after book 7 that I am expecting. The ending is rather hanging and concludes the fanfic-y feel.

I am looking forward for this holiday because I want to apply for e-passport to get visa waiver to go to Japan. It turned out to be a mess. Lucky I called the travel agency first before going there because I was told that nowadays, travel agency cannot even expedite the process. Grr.. I am irritated with my sister. I already asked her to help me call on Monday and if she did that, I would already look for plan B. I am still lucky that this morning my friend was still waiting for his plane from Japan to be back and he managed to share with me his contact who helped him with his e-passport a few weeks ago. Giving personal information to a stranger and meeting this stranger tomorrow make me quite uncomfortable but I hope things will be smooth tomorrow to take a picture and to collect the e-passport on Tuesday.

I just want to rest and nua on my bed and having to get out of house to cut hair today and to go out of house for the passport and stuff are really irritating. Haiz... Tired..

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