Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

This is the longest movie that I ever watched as it took me 2 months to finish watching it. I watched it on my SQ flight back to Singapore in January and I only finished it last Friday when I took another flight home. There was still about 15 minutes left but it turned out that I only missed the final 5 minutes or so. The rest of the time is actually the end credit lol.

I have heard the title previously. Although it does not sound that interesting for me to find it further, I find it quite intriguing: what lie? Haha.. But ultimately what makes me decide to watch this is that it is about music.

Arima Kosei is a former child prodigy in piano. He was trained by his strict mother. His mother's death traumatised him and since then he stopped playing piano since in the middle of the song, he would suddenly be unable to listen to the music. At school, Kosei is friends with Tsubaki and Watari. Until one day another girl Kaori Miyazono enters into their circle because she likes Watari. Kaori is a violinist and because of her, Kosei is able to overcome his childhood trauma and starts playing piano again.

It does not sound like a very interesting story right? So what exactly makes Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso popular? Spoilers alert: Kaori dies in the end and that makes everything a bitter sweet love story. Kaori has a sickness since young (it is not revealed what sickness). Knowing that she does not have long to live, she decides to live her life to the fullest and to try reaching her childhood dream to be able to play music with Kosei.

Overall I am quite disappointed. I am expecting that it will feature good music but the songs chosen are kinda meh. The one I enjoy the most is the Little Little Twinkle Star which is also abruptly stopped. I am a sucker for sad and touching moments and I admit that this is quite touching. There is no antagonist whatsoever so the overall atmosphere is positive and uplifting despite the more emo tone towards the end. There is no betrayal, quarrel, or fight among these friends like the typical love stories. It may not be realistic but oh well... I was also so close to crying near the end when Kosei read the letter from Kaori. However, the ending feels kinda hanging.
Can't find the live action version so the anime version will do

So what is the answer to big question: what lie? It is referring to Kaori's lie that she likes Watari. The one that she likes is actually Kosei. When it is revealed, I was like CHEY!!! I am expecting something more shocking or touching since it is the title of the show. But definitely, the movie makes me more interested to watch the anime. Just from the clip above, I think the actors play the live action pretty well although they are not as hilarious as the anime.

1 important lesson that I learn from this movie is from Watari's advice to Kosei about girls/relationship "Whether you can or cannot, it is for the girl to decide". But oh well, I am still reluctant to be in a relationship.

"Last Scene" by Ikimono Gakari is the song played at the ending credits of the movie. It is really a nice song to conclude the movie.Very soothing yet still has the sad vibe.

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