Thursday, February 2, 2017

Streak of bad luck

My streak of bad luck still continues today. After losing $185 from the plane ticket, multiply that number several times today as one of my crowdfunding investment is officially declared default as the company is officially declared bankrupt. Sigh.. Ironically, this is the FIRST company that I invested in and from the projects that they had done when I did the research prior to investing, I would never expect that it would ever go bust.

What to do? That is the nature of investment. The promise of high return is also associated with high risk. I invested $12k in crowdfunding and I think even if the rest of the investment had no problem, I would just break even considering this failed one. Sigh.. If there is any more company that goes bust, I will be in the red. Ironically, I felt more emo over my duplicate plane ticket than over this. This is because I am prepared to 'lose' those $12k before deciding to try the whole crowdfunding thing. I may not really have the stomach for investing but with the mindset of only investing what I can afford to lose really minimises the disappointment and sadness.

Suddenly I had a headache from 4pm onwards and I decided not to go gym today. What a waste. I wanted to quickly go home and 2 bus stops later, I realised that I forgot to bring home the electric heatpad that my landlord asked me to buy. Sigh.. I had to walk back to take it.

And to make the whole day completely ruined, I received a phone call that freezer alarm was triggered. I am damn pissed because I am in the middle of uploading files for my photo prints. Sigh. I am also the last in the list of the keyholders so why I had to be the suay one to answer the phone call. I knew it was bad but I could help but to vent at the vendor. What kind of shit that you could not even advise me if the alarm was false despite the fact that the alarm was triggered before shortly get restored? I returned to office and I was caught in the middle. The alarm vendor asked technician to check the electricity and there was no issue. So the technician suspected something was wrong with the alarm signalling. But all the alarm vendor can say is that he knows no shit about this. His job is just to inform that an alarm signal is triggered and it is our job to find out what's wrong. Seriously what's the fuck?

I can also throw you the same attitude. What's the point of having your service if the only thing you can inform me is I received a signal bla bla bla but then you cannot advise me what happen and what I need to do. Lucky I never held back last year during the end of the year service survey even when dunno which supervisor came down. This year, I will repeat the same roasting. Bleah!

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