Saturday, January 14, 2017


It has only been a weak and I already lost steam for my attempt to lose weight. Gym is okay. I mean I don't hate it and I don't find it like a chore to go. I guess I am getting pretty used to it. But at the same time, I start to grow impatient and tired of it. I don't see any improvement in my endurance, body shape, or weight. I know it is quite unreasonable to expect a weight loss (even 1 kg) within a week. But perhaps I am just finding excuses to quit. Last night I just came to a realisation that even those exercise regime videos on youtube also shows changes in a 1 month period. So yeah, 1 week is just unreasonable.

Anyway I still hate push up and I don't see that I am improving on that. I forget the correct posture for the squat pull up so I am getting worse for that. But I do notice an improvement for the overhead press. Now 5kg does nothing for me and I am progressing to 7.5kg weight.

The quitting thought was also affecting my diet. On Tuesday, I was so tempted to just give up on my diet. I spent half an hour to visit around to consider among MOS Burger, McD, Long John Silver, or Subway but I still had the will power to choose none. The temptation came again on Wednesday and this time, I surrendered. I bought the double prosperity burger. Lol. Anyway it is a yearly menu for Chinese New Year so it is just a matter of time before I have it once for this year. On Thursday, I continued with 2 bags of potato chips. Sigh.. Thank goodness no more desire yesterday and today haha..

There is a sad news this week that Chiaki Ito will be leaving AAA :( Sigh.. I am really so lucky to attend AAA concert and fan club event in Singapore last year. Perhaps that is the only live pop star concert that I will ever attend. Co-ed pop groups are rare nowadays and with now 1 girl left in AAA, the female voice in the group will definitely be affected. Again it is very sad but then again, they are also humans. They are going into their 30s so it is unavoidable that they will start their own family. So yup, just enjoy whatever songs and performances they had done previously.

Rimi Natsukawa is going to have a concert in Singapore. After hesitating for a day, I decided to buy a ticket. It will be my first time attending an artist's solo concert so I am hoping for another great experience.

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