Thursday, December 29, 2016

Missing the past

The first thing that struck my mind when I reached home was how messy my house is!! Grr.. I like tidiness and cleanliness so it is really irritating. However, I have sort of expected that this home is no longer my 'home'. I want a nice and clean house but it is impossible without all the contribution of those living in it. I have done my part by removing all my clutter from the 'common' area. Sigh.. there is no point of nagging since I have no say or influence. I shall be happy with my own tidy and clean room -although it is full of things as well.

As years pass by, sadly the people are not getting more mature but getting worse. My parents and my eldest sister are still arguing on daily basis. Sigh.. My parents are getting older so they are becoming more bo chup since they have less influence on the kids. Thus they can only nag and nag now. But my sister continues to be immature and entitled. She should just keep quiet and let my parents nag so they will stop. But she answers and then the nagging continues. It is always the same nagging for the past few years and I am getting so tired hearing. My younger sister just stares at her own computer after work so she is hardly visible also.

Anyway today I decided to just spend my money and get those Rp 250000 container box that can be stacked like a cabinet if I wish. There are 3 types that I was interested in but none is really 100% suitable and I spent quite sometime deciding which one to get. I decided with the most squarish one although the material is the frosted kind that gives like a 'dirty dusty' feel. Bleah.. The other one looks like the typical cheap plastic cabinet when stacked so I don't want the cheap feel although the material is clear and has a 'cleaner' feel. The third one easily fell out favour because the size is slightly smaller. Anyway, it will be under the bed so I won't really see it and I bought 3.

Mall of Indonesia (MOI) is much better now after renovation. In the past, I only went there when I needed to buy container box from Carrefour. The last time I went, a lot of parts were closed for renovation and things like that and I was not expecting that the mall would last. Now there are so many interesting food places to eat and I simply had not enough space in the stomach to try them all. Today I tried otako (otak-otak goreng) and a very nice batagor. The batagor is Rp 28000 for 5 pieces so it is very reasonable and the taste is pretty good.

A bit more about the batagor because I am pretty sure it is the boss or maybe the boss' son who served me. He call me OM for goodness sake! Om means uncle and this is not meant to be a joke over the "Om telolet Om" meme. I don't think I am that much older than him or he can even possibly be older than me leh. Haha.. And I was wearing clothes that I wore during my secondary school days T_T Clothes can hide my signs of aging. Anyway I appreciate the friendliness and the small talks.

I saw him taking notes of how many items sold for the day and there were about 30 when I was there. Assuming he can sell 50 a day, after minusing the rent (I don't know how much), the wages for the workers, I think the profit may not beat what I am earning right now. I should be more grateful I guess.

Moving on the next thing about my old laptop. The first thing I did upon arriving home was to check if it was still capable of connecting to the internet. Thank goodness it is still capable using direct LAN cable. Antivirus updated, drivers updated, but the wireless and bluetooth adaptors cannot be revived. Sigh.. It took overnight to update the drivers (I don't really understand what it is all about) so I was very hopeful that it could somehow bring it back to 'life'. I cannot even do any update for Windows as the Windows Update just keeps searching sigh.. Anyway, it is 6 more months for it to be a decade old and it really has done a good job for me. Thanks, TravelMate! That is really the model name of my laptop, no pun intended haha..

My childhood rabbit plush (she is called Ui)  has a secret power of bringing me back to the past. There was 1 day when I slept by holding it and I literally had dreams about my younger days. The one at night was about me back in my secondary school days while the one at day was about me throwing tantrums to my siblings that ended up with me slamming the door and "Please get out of my room NOW!". Haha... I love you ui but I am not going to hold you in my arms when I sleep anymore.

Yesterday I decided to visit a few facebook pages that used to have Johnny's videos. They stopped uploading and removed their videos a few months ago citing copyright issues. Guess what? Now they are back!! Yay!! Haha.. I am not gonna say which pages so that JE does not harass them. I am pretty outdated so I was quite sad and shocked to hear that SMAP will be disbanding after this 31st December.

Time flies and Sexy Zone is already celebrating their 5th anniversary. Wow.. They are no longer kids now. I no longer 'followed' them after their 3rd album. I just got their fourth album which is horrible. The singles after their third album are not very nice and hence I don't follow this album but the other songs are not better. I think they are really losing their direction as they attempt to shed away their child image. Their newer songs simply no longer have the Sexy Zone feel and they will just end up as any other Johnny's group who has gone forgettable now.

They sang a medley in one of the Shounen Club episodes and I have mixed feelings hearing their older singles with their mature voice now. Yes it is more refreshing but at the same time, it reaffirms my perception that their voices are not unique enough to be recognisable. With songs which are getting more and more generic, it is really a journey towards obscurity. Sadly their 5th anniversary contains just copies of their previous singles. I would be less disappointed if they at least re-record to change previous boyish voices to their teenage voices now. Anyway, the new original songs for this album are also as forgettable as those songs in their fourth album. Oh ya, the title of the fourth album is Welcome to Sexy Zone. No reference to number 4 at all unlike all their other albums: one Sexy Zone, Sexy Second, Sexy Power, and 5th Anniversary Best.

I am waiting for my download quota for Hey! Say! JUMP's latest album so it is better not be a disappointment.

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