Monday, December 12, 2016

Gym trial

As promised, I am going to write about my gym experience after going for about 3-4x for the past week. The first session was the most painful. I went last Monday and I needed 3 days to recuperate. I felt as if I was growing wings with the pulling sensation on my both shoulders. As mentioned, I usually hunch to hide my fats while the gym exercises force the correct posture or they call it "proud chest". I had difficulties with arm movement while showering, taking off clothes, or putting on clothes.

It was not easy period for me and I had all the negative emotions. I don't understand how people enjoy going to gym as it feels like spending money to get physically tortured. And why would I pay monthly fee when my body is so pain and I can only go maybe twice or thrice a week?

So I went again on Friday and I gotta admit that I felt some improvement. It was not as painful as Monday. Lol. Although I still went down stairs like I just gave birth. Haha.. I went again on Saturday and my feelings started to become impatience. Why did I still feel tired after 2 sets of push ups? That was exactly the same as the first session! Why am I not losing any weight yet?

For the first week, the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. Come the second weak now, the flesh is willing but the spirit is no longer willing. And it is much more difficult to overcome the latter. I have 6 more days of trial and see how it goes. I personally think that I am not pushing my ownself as much as I can or I should because I still don't like the idea of sweating too much. Like that then what's the point of going to gym right? T_T

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