Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gym.. finally

Today is a perfect example of me sacrificing God for my human pursuit. I was still tired this morning after yesterday Distant Worlds concert and blogging about it. Yet, I had not finished my Japanese homework. So instead of spending the morning to attend mass, I used it to finish homework, played games, and slept. Haha.. I'm sorry God :(

I am on the verge of giving up with my Japanese class. I like learning but I think it is getting more and more difficult. The lesson has reached chapter 28 but I think my knowledge is still stuck at chapter 12. I keep playing games or sleeping during my free time instead of revising and memorising :( Currently I am at tandoushi (tadoushi) and jidoushi (intransitive) which is something like transitive (needs an object) and intransitive (does not need an object) words equivalent in English. The thing is English retains the same verb forms whether it is used in transitive or intransitive word. In Japanese however, the verb forms change and it is as if having to remember different vocabs altogether. For example, in English: I open the door (transitive) and The door opens (intransitive). The verb open remains for both form. However in Japanese, transitive form is akemasu and intransitive form is akimasu. Even in my native mother tongue (i.e Indonesian), verbs retain the form whether in transitive or intransitive context. That's why it is challenging as it is a new concept that I never come across in any language that I know.

After class, I went to gym. Yes! Finally.. The first session today was basically an introductory session so I shall not mention anything about the gym yet. I am quite glad to go as my posture was assessed. I was told that my 'resting' position tends to lean forward. Thanks to all the customer service bullshit of smiling, eye contact, and leaning forward!! At office I usually put my bag behind me so I never lean on the backrest of the chair. So I better make sure to take note of my posture while sitting as well as while dispensing. Of course work is not the only reason. I tend to 'hunch' i.e leaning forward and having my shoulders curl inwards to hide my tummy and man boobs :( I am not confident of my own body and I feel that I am fat. Sigh.. I hope I am okay for another session tomorrow to be able to write more about this overall gym-ing experience.

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