Saturday, December 17, 2016

Can't beat the laziness :(

Today marks the end of my gym trial period and yesterday was my last session. It was a good and tiring session yesterday plus the rain this noon were reasons for me not utilising my trial membership to the max by also going today. I am going home soon and I have to think about if I am going to sign up for the membership.

Honestly, I enjoyed my sessions. The inertia to overcome the laziness is the most difficult part but once I started with the session, I actually felt pretty good. On the flip side, my diet got a little bit uncontrolled. Gym became an excuse for me to eat junk :( So it seems that my choices are between gym + junk food or sleep + diet. The outcome is the same which is I am destined not to lose weight but the first option definitely will burn a hole in my pocket.

It is going to be a tough decision. $329 per month x 12 months is not a small amount of money and I cannot imagine having a battle between my bed vs gym every evening :( I have been not exercising with the excuses such as bad weather, running is boring, it is troublesome to bring sport clothes, and the worry of injuring myself when there isn't any personal trainer. This gym actually solves all of these things: no running, indoor (and hence no issue with bad weather), clothes and shower facilities are provided + barefoot exercising, and there is always a trainer to ensure that I am doing the right posture. Plus the fact that I am already spending money and yet all these still fail to motivate me. I seriously do not know what it will take to make me healthy.

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