Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another chance?

In late October, my plan C was halted in the process as the job advertisement suddenly disappeared from the website. The same post was reposted last Thursday! Wow.. Is this finally a chance? Lol. Unfortunately, whatever I did in October was already deleted from the system so I had to do everything from the scratch again. I promise that I am going to complete my application this time -whatever the outcome maybe- since bonus just came in and January is a good time to throw letter. Haha..

Earlier this month, I saw the advertisement for my earlier plan B so it seems that they still cannot find people for like 3-4 months already. In my heart, I am secretly praying that they just give up hoping for someone with inpatient experience and just take me. What are the odds but no harm in praying.. Sigh..

Today I attended a colleague's wedding and I got a revelation about my rejected lecturing job. My classmate got the job. Grr... I have always disliked her since school days and now she did this to me. Damn it!! Anyway, that fact reinforced my belief that I did not get the job simply because of my pay. Assuming that what is being considered relevant for the post is only working and training experience, I may only have about 1+ more experience than my classmate. Perhaps that is not enough to justify my requested pay which I foresee to be 20-25% more than what my classmate asked. After all, she was not promoted when she left the company and she was not first class. Thus definitely my pay is higher and my requested pay was even higher. It is another self justification and although I am still upset about it, I am feeling better to think that I got rejected not because I am incapable but it is more about cost-effectiveness. Haha.. Yeah.. call me thick skin.

Anyway Christmas is coming and here is currently the hottest Christmas video. No pun intended here unless your attention is to something else. Lol. See the video and you will know what I am taking about.

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