Friday, November 4, 2016

Night life

This post is 1 week late. It is about last weekend. It has been a long while since I got out in the evening. After all, I am just a lazy bum who prefers sleeping around and slacking doing nothing. Well, Pokemon Go decided to do something special for Halloween and thanks to the adjustment to the walking distance to hatch the egg, I went out in the evening.

On Saturday after dinner, I decided to walk back home. I was deciding if I should go to Kinokuniya to see if there was anything to buy to utilise the 20% off. I missed the buses that went to Orchard so I told myself never mind and to just continue walking home. If the next bus came when I reached the bus stop nearer to my home, then I would go. That did not happen but my egg almost hatched so I decided to walk to the next bus stop before turning back and going home. The bus came when I was at the next stop and I was off to Orchard.

I did not know Orchard Road was closed for traffic due to the SJ50 celebration (50th anniversary of diplomatic relationship of Singapore-Japan). I was very worried if the bus would only stop at Suntec or something. Thank goodness it stopped somewhere opposite Wheelock Place, although that is not the usual stop for bus 162. It was not too far to walk back to Orchard. It was raining the whole morning so the weather was humid and sticky so I did not really bother about the matsuri at the road.

My intention was only to check out books to buy since I already met my $500 credit card spending for October's rebate. I did not know why I decided to buy Justice League 8 and Injustice Year 4 Volume 2. And I suddenly had the desire to buy them from Kinokuniya Bugis to get CapitaStars. Haha.. It was 830pm and still I decided to go. Lol.

Perhaps it was due to Manga Genesis 2 that I saw at an exhibit at Thomson Plaza when I went for lunch. In fact, the reason why I went for dinner there was also to buy this at the same time. I shall write more about the manga at a separate post as this is already quite a long post. Hehe...
On Sunday, I decided to go to MBS to hunt pokemons. Yep.. again because of the egg hatching as well as for the double candy. Unbelievably, I spent 2 hours hunting there!! Haha.. My intention was actually to just walk once along the bay and then went home but there were too many rare pokemons. I got to evolve Shellder, found a wild Pikachu (for the very first time), countless Magikarp, but no Snorlax, Dragonite, or the ones that I was specifically looking for: Magnemite and Voltorb. Whoever thought Pokemon Go is dying should go hunt at MBS because it seems that all the Pokemon hunters are flocking there.

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