Thursday, November 3, 2016

Being FON

It has been a bad week that forces me to be a bring out the bitchy nasty customer in me. The first problem that I have is with Ta-Q-Bin. It is a shame to their Japanese parents company as a lot of the items I buy from Yahoo Auction Japan will offer Kuroneko Yamato domestic shipping and so far everything is good. Ta-Q-Bin Singapore, however, is the worst courier service. DHL, UPS, and FedEx never gave me such a lousy service.

I had a delivery from Premium Bandai and I specifically requested for 5-8pm delivery. On Wednesday morning, I received an sms to inform that delivery would happen in the evening. It did not happen. I called the customer service at 730pm and the lady could not even confirm if a delivery would happen. Gosh! They informed me to wait, they failed to deliver, and they did not inform anything about it. They attempted to delivery on the next day at noon which is ridiculous since the packaging has a big sticker to hightlight 5-8pm delivery timing -_-".

It is a good thing that they were willing to deliver on Saturday which happened to be public holiday. I opted for 8am-12pm delivery timing. I asked if I could get a 'narrower' time frame to wait: nope. I asked if the courier could call me before arriving: nope. Imagine my shock when on Friday, I received an sms to inform me that they were still unable to locate my items but they assured me that delivery would still happen on Saturday. How can I be assured!! Gosh..

Saturday delivery was late again. At 1145am, the customer service called me to mention that delivery would be late. I could understand delays but I could not accept that he could not advise me how long I had to bloody wait. He just said 'afternoon'. Seriously what the fuck! You failed to deliver your service and still had the cheek to ask me to wait for the whole afternoon??? I don't care if your driver has 100 parcels to deliver because it is your problem. As far as I am concerned, you failed to deliver, you made me waited 7 hours already now you are expecting me to waste the whole Saturday.

So yeah, I sent email to them as well as to Premium Bandai. I don't care if they label me as FON as long as they really do what they promise: they will assign someone more experienced for my future deliveries. Seeing similar complaints online that people write about Ta-Q-Bin from previous years, I am a bit skeptical of any promised improvements.

The next problem I have is with The end product that I received were cut. In the software, there are blue edges and red edges. The advise was for writings not to exceed red edges while pictures/items should be until the blue edges. The end product that I received basically had everything printed until the red edges.

Firstly, I did not receive any reply for 2 freaking weeks after I replied them with sample pictures. Today, I received their explanation. Erm.. more like excuse. They said that from printing can be anywhere between red edges and blue edges. Hey.. that's not what their software prompt me!! And if as they mention that the red to blue edges is 3mm-wide, 3-mm wide is a HUGE MARGIN for goodness sake. I am sorry but I will find other providers as I am not going to live with 3-mm variability.

They offered me 80% off if I want to have my photo book reprinted but I have to edit my pictures all to the red edges. Will that solve the problem? What if the end product that I receive will be printed until the blue edges this time? I will have 3mm empty borders surrounding all pages? Fucked up! Anyway the money is not the issue, it is the time and effort! It took me 1 month to complete the photobook and asking me to reshuffle everything.. man.. easier said than done.

It seems that whoever replied my email is just smoking me. Prior to this, I had completed 3 different photobooks with them and all were printed until the blue edges. The end products are according to what the software showed me and I am happy. I did exactly the same thing with my latest one and now they are telling me that I did the wrong thing. Seriously.. 

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