Saturday, October 29, 2016

Doctor Strange

In the world of Marvel superheroes, Doctor Strange stands out as one of the more interesting characters with magic-based superpowers in the midst of all others physical or scientific based superpowers. I am excited when it is going to be made into movies but I am not really into Benedict Cumberbatch. Haha..

My biggest worry was that the magic-based superpowers will appear rather lame on screen with all the CGIs. I think Marvel does pretty well with the fighting CGI scenes. The blend between the magical and physical realms look believable enough and is not too cartoonish. The fights are enjoyable although do not exactly meet my expectations. Considering that this is an introductory movie, perhaps I am expecting too much that there will be more spells and incantations that Doctor Strange uses in the comics. But hey, after all those things are what makes Doctor Strange unique.

Marvel retains all the elements that makes their movies successful so far: quite linear and simplistic story line (not sure if everyone will agree that this is a strength) and the sense of humour. There are a lot of references to current real life situations for the humour such as the mention of Beyonce and the funniest bit about the Wi-Fi password at Kamar-Taj.

One bit that I think lacking is that there is not enough reason to explain why Doctor Strange chooses to be a Sorcerer Supreme instead of having his brilliant life as a surgeon back. After all, he is depicted as being an arrogant and proud man at the beginning. Again, it is an introductory superhero movie so this sort of 'deficiency' is expected. The Ancient One reprimanding Strange for his aloofness and pride strikes a chord with me. I am also a proud person who look down at other people and it is often said that pride is the most difficult to overcome out of the 7 deadly sins. Hence, I cannot fathom why Strange chooses to forgo his surgeon life.

I hate my job. If I have the option to be healthy or to be a sorcerer, I will definitely choose the latter one and get out of my job. But hey, Stephen Strange loves his job! That's another reason for me to question why he chooses to be a sorcerer.

I also notice that the Marvel opening scene for the movie has changed! Usually it is the flipping pages of Marvel comics but now it is scenes from the previous Marvel studios movies!! Yup, that is a nod to how big Marvel movie universe has become and I hope they will continue with their fantastic superheroes movies in many years to come.

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