Sunday, October 2, 2016

30 September is the feast day of my chosen patron saint, Saint Jerome, and I had a good day. I won a car air purifier which absolutely has no use for me as I don't own a car. But hey, considering my usual luck, winning something at a lucky draw is considered something awesome. I am also surprised that I actually feel quite at peace despite not getting the lecturing job I tried for a few weeks ago. They have not informed me anything but oh well, no news means rejection. That is how usually working life works.

I saw a new job posting at JobsDB posted on 30 September and after doing some detective work, it is actually the same ad that I saw at Jobstreet last month: it is for an opening at P&T office at where I am working right now. Looks like this is going to be my next attempt to change job. I spoke about my intention of changing job to my workgroup leader when we went for the international forum this week. She also mentioned about this P&T office so she is my source of information if I am really going to do this. Sadly, even if I apply through 'outside' way, it will eventually be an internal transfer once they realise where I am working now. So perhaps I should just apply through internal way although it is not going to be something easy also as my current boss must agree to release me in the first place. Sigh.. At this point, it is like jumping the gun as I don't even know if the other side wants to take me but I will speak to my boss this coming week.

I went to repair my filling yesterday. It made me rather emo. It dawns upon me that I am not different from let's say, a car. As age catches up, I need my spare parts etc and seriously I don't want to grow old. I just want to die young. My emo-ness also comes from the fact that the affected tooth becomes this way because of the position. So it is like I am born this way and I can't help it no matter how diligent I am with my mouth hygiene.

I went to Bandai and Takara Tomy warehouse sale after my friend sent me tempting pictures. I went to such sale once and after going for this one, I am reminded again why I only went once. Lol.. Seriously I had nothing to buy. No Gundam Wing stuff on sale. When my friend sent me the picture, I saw Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Display Set for $10. Kns!! I bought 2 for $40 each a few months back and last year I missed a sale at Hobby Link Japan for 1200 JPY each. When I went there, it was completely sold out o_0

Anyway September was over and I only spent $50 for my anime/manga stuff. That is the first time it happened since mid-2012 and I am quite proud of it. Hehe :) I hope I can continue the trend although I admit it is going to be tough since at the back of my mind, there are few pending things to buy T_T The spending that I must put a rein on is for food. My food spending for the past few months has been 1.5x of my normal. Obviously I am more concerned about the effects on health than on wallet per se. Haha..

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