Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Suicide Squad

I heard that this was better than Batman v Superman so I was willing to give it a chance. I watched the trailer which I found interesting but not really gaga over it. But since it ticks so many things that I usually enjoy such as a group of superheroes character, an female bad ass character, lots of explosions, and potentially hilarious conversations.

Well, unfortunately DC seems to be very far from Marvel. As compared to Guardians of the Galaxy which also features obscured characters, Suicide Squad actually has more famous characters in Joker and Harley Quinn. Yet, the movie pales in comparison to Guardians of the Galaxy. Joker does not have enough screen time or significant role in the movie plot that he can actually be removed from the movie and it makes no difference. I have to admit that Harley Quinn is the star but she seems too out of place as the other characters are unable to match her craziness. All of the lines that are meant to be a joke or I supposed meant to be a laughter-inducing turn out flat and "duh" because of the way the others respond to her craziness.

The story is also quite rubbish and is hanging on too many loose strings. A lot of these criminals do not even have any reason (like their loved ones being taken hostage) to cooperate with the government in the first place. Yet, when they are given the 'çhance' to be out of prison, they just follow stupidly to government plan when there is no beneficial outcome for them: completing the mission means back to the prison and failing the mission means death. If they can defeat a horde of supernatural armies, I am pretty sure removing a bomb from their neck should not be a problem.

The final match is also dumb. If the villain (the Enchantress) has so vast magic power to build the giant weapon in the sky, she could have easily beaten these few people. Yet she chooses to engage in a physical fight. Not to mention that somehow she runs out of army to defend her while she continues with her power to fly all the rubbles into the stratosphere to build her weapon.

Characters development is poor. I find only El Diablo to be someone to be symphatised with and Deadshot has a bit of the family man side. The other characters remain as obnoxious and you don't get to like them or symphatise with them until the end of the movie. The fight scenes turn out to be quite meh with not much physical fight or even CGI fight. It is all about shooting guns and faceless explosions.

Although I may sound very biased, I am actually following DC comics as much as I follow Marvel comics. DC comics are pretty good and occassionally can be even better than Marvel but for the movie.. there is still a vast difference..

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