Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Pokemon GO! is finally out in Singapore since last Saturday. There was a lot of hype a few weeks ago when it was released at other parts of the world and I never considered of playing it. Well for one, I am not exactly a fan of Pokemon. Haha.. However, seeing how even uncles and aunties on the bus are playing it, I decide to also jump into the bandwagon.

Overhyped things tend to get a lot of fans and haters alike and this is not an exception. For me, I don't see much difference between people on the road playing Pokemon Go vs people on the road checking their whatsapp, facebook, other games on their mobile phone. While I can agree with those who find Pokemon Go players as childish, ridiculous, etc, I think you only deserve to say that if you yourselves are not 'addicted' to your mobile phone in the first place. Otherwise, the only difference is just what we do/see with our mobile phones.

Although I am a skeptic, it is undeniable that Pokemon Go is a genius. Nothing has ever been so successful in making people going outdoor (although the only difference is where we play our mobile phones: in our room vs outside), exercise, and meeting fellow 'trainers' at the Pokestops. Authorities have been dangling carrots to make people exercise more and more sociable etc and the usefulness is limited. Pokemon Go makes people doing all these things without any dangling. It is all in the name of fun. You gotta admit that it is genius.

Enough about Pokemon Go, I am glad to announce that my bond is finally over since last Monday. Hurray!! My stress is finally relieved this morning as I submitted my resume and cover letter for my job application. Lets see how it goes. Honestly I don't know what I am going to with my life and my future and I can only trust God. If I can get this new job with the pay that I request, I take it as a sign that I am meant to take it. If I get a job but the pay is not much of an increase, it will be very difficult to decide. On one side, I feel that I have certain 'future' with my current employment, but on the other side, I really want to leave because of all my negative emotions. It will be a battle between the brain vs the heart.

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