Thursday, August 18, 2016


Second home will never be able to replace first home. That is my sentiment from this Olympics. I am happy with Joseph Schooling's gold medal but I am proud with Tontowi Ahmad & Liliyana Natsir's gold medal for Indonesia. I saw the news this morning and I watched the medal ceremony (lucky it did not make me late to work! lol). I know my Malaysian colleagues are so excited that they have several medal potentials for Badminton. I don't mind Malaysia winning gold for male singles or male doubles but I am still rooting for my own country for mixed doubles. Haha.. Anyway they are quite cool with the results. I guess we, the Southeast Asian people, are relatively friendly towards our own neighbours. So yeah it is quite heartening to see the Malaysian pair congratulated the Indonesian pair after the national anthem at the podium. The China pair (who won bronze) looked like a pair of sore loser. At least the girl smiled while the guy looked to angry throughout. You should be at least proud that you lost to the eventual champion.

And that's all that I want to write today. Hehe.. specially for this.

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