Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Breaking out of own comfort zone

My (old) laptop is another step closer to its end of life. It was perfectly fine on Saturday morning but when I went back in the evening, it showed error messages upon rebooting and after that it can no longer receive wifi :( I thought it was something wrong with the network adaptor but it does not seem the case. The red light indicator does not even light up when I press the wifi button although on the screen it shows the message that wifi is enabled. Usually that light is on even when it cannot receive any wifi signals. I already have a new laptop but I still have not gotten used to it. Sigh emo... It has got to start somewhere and this is the first post I am typing with the new laptop. Ouch my eyes :(

Another thing that has been bugging my mind is my job application. I received the call for interview on Friday and the interview was today. It has been more than 5 years since my last job search and interviews so it was quite a nerve wrecking experience as well. I had to do a 5 minutes presentation and I am too lousy to present spontaneously. I spent the past 2 days preparing scripts and memorising. Luckily the presentation went pretty well just now. There were also 2 written questions which turned out to be 2 essay questions. Lol. The first question was pretty generic about a conflict faced in the past and how I resolved it. The second question was about what I would do if students constantly playing internet during class. I don't know if I answered well but what I wrote is my true opinion. I am fine whether they pon class or listen in class as long as they can pass. Haha.. after all I was also once being that kind of student.

I felt pretty good during the interview. Bear in mind that it means completely different from: I feel pretty good about the interview. I honestly did not expect the director of the school was one of the interviewers and I was even more surprised when the first thing she said was if it was our first time meeting. She thought she met me before. My face must be so marketplace. Anyway I was told that my requested pay is too high and they definitely cannot meet it. Haiz.. Well too early to say or think anything now since I don't even know if I will be offered. If I am offered, there will still be a second round of the interview and dilemma will start again. It is more convenient to stay where I am but seeing the kids running around and having fun are really energizing. It was like going to a place with positive atmosphere which I think is going to be a happier place than my current place to see rude old people everyday. Haiz.. don't think too much and let's see how things go in 2 weeks time.

I watched Suicide Squad and Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV but I don't have the time to blog about them yet. Coming up soon (but I will backdate the date), I promise. Lol.

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