Saturday, August 13, 2016

Aaah youth...

Last week, my news feed was full of Pokemon Go. This week, news feed is full of Joseph Schooling. Congrats to him for winning the first Olympic gold medal for Singapore in history. As an audience, the match was not that exciting since Schooling was actually quite 'far' ahead of the other competitors. However, he was fantastic considering he beat Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympians, and the match will go down in history with 3 silver medallists who clocked exactly the same time. I am not a Singaporean so I am feeling quite neutral about it but I can imagine (and I hope) Singaporeans will be happy and proud with this. I can remember the excitement and energy when Susi Susanti won the very first Olympic gold medal for Indonesia. It left quite a memory since badminton match is longer than a swimming race so it was quite intense to sit down through the match.

Schooling is still 21 years old and I am pretty sure he has a bright future ahead of him. I sincerely hope that he will achieve greater things in years to come. Aahh.. so good to still be young.. Schooling left Singapore to study and train in the US when he was quite young and look at where he is now. I left my hometown in my young age but I am just a loser. That realisation is quite demoralising. Lol.

Yesterday I went to buy Kingdom Hearts 2 comics from a carousell seller who turns out to be a school kid. However, I was very amazed and surprised that he offered a handshake when we met. Wow... With all the negativity about strawberry generations nowadays, it is a pleasure to find a polite and courteous young boy. It is also a reminder of how impolite I am usually. I don't offer handshakes when I meet strangers for buying or selling things. I don't even offer handshakes to new staff. Sad.. ironic.. when I just left university and entered the workforce, I aspired to be someone friendly and nice, especially towards newcomers since I know how it feels when people are not nice towards me when I was a newbie. Alas.. all the pressure and stress I face have turned me into a monster. If only I can turn back the clock..

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