Sunday, July 24, 2016


To promote the latest Conan movie, Conan mascot is making appearances at Plaza Singapura for the past few weeks. I saw the news on facebook (with the picture above) and I gave it a miss because I thought he looked rather weird. However last week, my Japanese class classmate took a picture of the real thing and Conan really looks realistic. Lucky for me that today is the last day and yesterday someone shared the schedule of appearance for today. I managed to get 2 pictures at the Starhub entrance but he did not turn up at the HSBC entrance :( I did not want to take a picture when he was in the shopping mall as there would be a lot of strangers at the background and I like my photos to be free of strangers. Sadly, the weather was rather cloudy so the lighting was not very good too. Anyway I am still happy that I get to take a picture with Conan. Hehe..

Shame on me but because I was looking for Conan, I sacrificed church attendance for the 3rd consecutive Sundays. When I deliberately skip masses, it means I am in a FML mood. I still can't get over my appraisal :( When I was young, I promised that I would not play politics and I would always be true to myself. It is very sad when I have to accept that such idealism is not practical and I really have to stfu and just play the politics. There is no point to be honest and hardworking when it is not appreciated and it makes me hated by others. So I will just join the throng to just slack since that is what the bosses expect. By the way, I feel less irritated since the performance bonus for 'very good' is 1.2x. That is not as bad as I expected since 'exceed expectation' was only 1.3x last year. 10% of a month pay is still a huge amount though.

Talking about money, the highly anticipated pay adjustment turned out to be a bogus. I was hoping that it was as big as the previous adjustment as it was about 15% of my pay back then. This time, it was only like 3%. Seriously... Gone is my dream of hitting 5k before I reach 30 and that means I really should START UPDATING MY CV and start finding a new job or finding a masters course to do.

Haiz.. dear God.. please forgive me and please let me recover and get back on my feet soon :(

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