Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dream on~~

Dream high... Aim for the stars.. Those are what people say. But the higher I dream, the more painful reality becomes. My friend informed me about $7m toto on Monday and despite knowing the impossibility of striking it, I told him to help me buy $10. After all, the possibility is only zero when you don't try at all. To console myself from the harsh reality, I was already dreaming of getting a condo, giving $500k to my friend who helped me buy, donating $1m to Daughters of Sts Paul who is searching for a new compound as announced during mass on Sunday, quitting my job and enjoying life simply from the bank interest from the remaining money. Obviously none of this happens.

I broke my promise by getting a limited Wing Gundam Zero Custom with pearl coating at the currently ongoing Gunpla expo at Takashimaya. My friend wanted 2 Beargguy III ver Double Happiness and I decided to buy 2 as well in the hope of selling it for higher price in the future. As the total exceeded $200, I got one chance of lucky draw. I had to spin this tin container until one ball dropped out and I would win something if I got a golden ball. I had 3 balls dropped but the golden ball was the second and hence I did not win. Aaargh.. It was soooo damn close.. I did not ask what the lucky draw prize was to prevent myself from disappointment and I am glad I did not.

I wanted to buy AAA concert ticket. According to the email I received, the sale would begin on 8 June at 1000. I logged in at 1008 and it was already sold out. What sorcery is this!! This is supposed only for their global fanclub members. I don't believe that there are that many to sell out all the tickets in less than 10 minutes!! I was still hopeful that perhaps the system was up but it was not the time to book yet. So I checked again in the evening and after reading the announcement carefully, the timing is actually 1000 CST. Google says that it will be 9 June 0000 GMT+8 and I waited past midnight to still get the same message that quota has been exceeded. Sigh.. I sent an email and I received a reply that the ticket is already sold out indeed. I did not even bother to ask how can the ticket be sold out at 1008 GMT+8 when the announcement said that sale began at 1000 CST.

My online shopping this week has been terrible too. I was so happy last week when I won an auction for all 38 chess pieces of Clamp no Kiseki for 2700 JPY. When the final invoice, I was shocked to see a domestic shipping charge of 1500 JPY. How can domestic shipping be as much as the international shipping from Japan to Singapore? Haiz.. In total, I spent 7000 over JPY for that only to realise an auction that ended at 7000 JPY for all 38 chess pieces + 12 books + box to place all the books + chess mat + and the display box of the 38 chess pieces. Damn damn damn!! It has domestic shipping and if I get this, I suppose I will pay 10000 JPY at the very most. That is only 3000 JPY more for all the additional things T_T I also realised Eijun Sawamura figurine that I bought during 40% off is not on 50% off.

Seriously.. what's wrong with me this week :'(

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