Friday, May 6, 2016

The joy of teaching

Yesterday was Ascension of the Lord and after a lot of deliberation, I decided to go for the Mass. I am so 'proud' of myself. Haha.. I arrived less than 5 minutes before the Mass began and I was surprised that there were plenty of empty seats. It seems that a lot people have the same thought as mine: let's skip this Mass. Lol. I cannot recall any other occasion of Holy Day of Obligation that falls on a weekday has ever been this 'quiet'. Well I am not complaining since I am quite happy not to squeeze with so many people.

Today is the end of attachment period of my 2 students and again I am touched. I am just doing my job and I don't expect anything in return. However, when I get appreciation from them, I have to admit that I feel very happy. This is actually quite similar to what happened 2 years ago. The students asked to take a photo with me T_T I am so touched... They also gave me a thank you card and a gift of orange juice. This is the message on the card:

Thank you for being our preceptor during our attachment period at --------- and guided us throughout these short 3 weeks of attachment. You are always patient when we asked questions and did things slow. It was really enriching and pleasant learning from you. We hope you like the little things we got for your. :) Take care!


The P.S part is a cut off from a sticker and they are all in caps. It is not that I am trying to highlight that part. Haha.. Now I feel bad for 'not wanting' them as initially I prefer to take NUS students as that one will have $150 honorarium. Oh well, I guess this kind of good memories will last beyond the $150.

At the end of attachment, there is always feedback session. To be fair to students, I always force them to give me feedback as everyone definitely has own strengths and weaknesses and I would like to know about my own too. One of the students said I am impatient. I am not surprised or offended because I know I can be quite crazy at work but I asked if I was impatient to her or it was a general observation. I am glad that it is from the general observation at work because it means that I never lose my cool during teaching. But I feel quite emo to get a bad feedback in my teaching form because my craziness at work is due to the crazy people I am working with. Noone wants to do it and I have to play as the bad guy and I always get all the not so nice things.. Haiz...

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