Saturday, May 14, 2016

Platinum Movie Suites

The jealousy bug hits me again this week for no reason. I am jealous with my friends who are already married. I am jealous with my friends who seem to be travelling very frequently. I am jealous with my friends who recently moved in to their newly bought condo, not to mention that the location is pretty good which means the price should be quite fantastic too.

At work, I have been holding grudges in the sense that I always kena the things that involved me doing more shit but I never kena the good or rewarding things. A few years back when I was still very innocent and enthusiastic, I could not wait to be a preceptor. Now I have been arrowed but I don't feel as joyful as I expected. Firstly, I already feel like quitting. I have already checked and got the answer that my service period is 1 year from the date mentioned in the certificate. Yep I am looking forward to 2 August. If I really can find something else, I can throw letter on the 3rd and I am free from 3rd September onwards. Yiipppeee!!! Secondly, why do I kena while the others who got this award and that award (including best junior preceptor award last year) never get? They are better than me after all right? Jeez..

Today is my cousin's church wedding and I was excited since a few days ago. I don't know why I am so excited even though it is not my wedding. I had to skip the lunch reception after the holy matrimony as I wanted to rush to use my free Cathay Platinum Movie Suites ticket to watch Captain America: Civil War. It is my first time watching at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites and I have been looking forward to it. Sadly, it does not meet my expectation which has been set by GV's Gold Class. The promised 'luxurious cinematic destination' falls short because the food options are the usual movie junk snacks!! Who in the right mind will serve popcorns, nachos, hot dogs, etc for such an 'atas' movie experience. They do have some wines and I bet it is a nice mix with the food I mentioned. Gold Class serves food at a restaurant level, both in price and quality, and I don't mind coming back to have a nice meal together with a movie. Platinum Movie Suites does not have that pulling factor from the food perspective and I will never ever pay that much for a movie just to enjoy a more private or quieter movie watching experience.

Ironically, Platinum Movie Suites has bigger table to put more food despite their rubbish food offering. I am not so fussy with the comfort of the seats so I am ambivalent between GV's sofa vs Cathay's leather seats. One aspect which I think Platinum Movie Suites does better than Gold Class is in terms of the privacy. The slope of the hall is nice enough to allow each pair of seats to have a 'wall' surrounding them. Basically we cannot see what the people above and below us are doing. Gold Class has a more 'open' concept. In case you are wondering, I always watch movie alone so I don't need privacy for some hanky panky purpose. Lol. I just don't want others see how greedy I am with my food and I don't want others to feel disturbed should I decide to turn on the table light. Anyway, I still have another free ticket which I will use for X-men Apocalypse. Perhaps one good thing is that Cathay is not so anal about the free tickets. Unlike GV, there is no restriction to wait for 2-3 weeks later to use when the movie no longer has the 'no fee ticket' status.

On the way home, I decided to try my luck at Antoinette and this time luck was at my side and I was able to get the salted egg yolk croissant. I also bought matcha croissant and cheese tarts. The cheese tarts were great although the crust is a bit too thick. It is not cheesy enough for me and I find the taste being overpowered by the crust. However I like the consistency: it is fluid enough for me to lick the cheese part but it is not runny (when I bite, everything remains intact). The croissants are the reverse: the filling is too runny while the croissant is too soft and too thin to contain the filling. The taste? Heavenly!! I don't like sweet stuff so I like the taste of the matcha filling which is very close to drinking one. The salted egg yolk filling is the first one that reminds me of salted egg yolk instead of a custard. This version is worth being the originator of the salted egg fad in Singapore and all the hype surrounding it. Haha.. I better nurse my face and prepare for a break out tonight. Lol.

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