Friday, May 20, 2016

Matsuri fail

Super Japan Matsuri is going on this weekend at the Esplanade. I saw the advertisement for a few weeks on facebook and the event is actually generating a lot of hype. It made my Friday before public holiday much more exciting because I could not stop thinking of authentic Japanese food (especially Takoyaki!) that I might enjoy. I went there immediately after work and reached there at about 6pm. I spent less than 10 minutes before deciding to go home. Yup, this is the shittiest event ever and it is generating a lot of disappointment.

There is no festival atmosphere at all! The area is so small and there are only about 10+ stalls in total. People are queueing although we are not even able to see what they are queueing for. There is no label on the stall. With Singapore hot and humid weather, with that many people coming in, pretty sure there are a lot of disappointed and angry people.

As I was walking back, I saw my aunt!! Haha.. Her whole family was also coming for this. I told them I just returned because it was so bullshit. She asked me to follow them look see and in less than 5 minutes she said "Let's go to Liang Court!". Haha.. So yeah we got our Japanese food there instead.

We went to Meidi-Ya only after dinner and there were a few stall selling traditional Japanese food!! I was too full to buy some more. Haha.. I will go back tomorrow... Seeing rice-stuffed squid reminds me of my last meal in Japan when I was already so full but decided to force myself to eat those unique Japanese food. I see a lot of interesting Kettle's potato chips as well! 

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