Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Final Fantasy Coca Cola (+ Prince of Tennis and Sora Kingdom Hearts) collection

It has been a long time since the last post on my vintage toys collection and suddenly this morning I remembered that I had taken pictures of Final Fantasy Coca Cola collection last year but I have yet to put it here. That is the reason for this post now. Haha.. Although I took the pictures last year, I actually bought the item sometime in end 2013. Lol. Yes it was *that* long ago.

These figures were released circa 1999-2001 exclusively in Japan when you bought Coca Cola back then. Given the circumstances, I do not expect much from the quality. I bought these as a complete set at Yahoo! Action Japan and the total damage was just shy of $150 including proxy and shipping fee. Not exactly cheap but the value comes more from nostalgia and sentimental feelings. The figures were released as 3 volumes and the details are nicely documented here. I decided to skip the 'red crystal' version because it is quite difficult to make out the features in this version. There is also special box version (only containing FF VII-IX figures) that comes with display stand, VHS, and T-shirts. The base of the figures is yellow as compared to red for the version obtained from buying the Coca Cola.
First time I am very happy with display boxes and find them helpful
Pardon the poor focusing, especially for the back row
Intruders at the last row from Prince of Tennis and Sora of Kingdom Hearts
In the last picture, there is a blue crystal Squall. I have no idea where it comes from but definitely it does not belong to this Coca Cola collection. That's why it also does not come with the red base. It was included in the whole lot, together with Sora, so that is how it ends up here. Haha.. The 5 Prince of Tennis figurines are also part of collaboration with Coca Cola. The information on them is almost non-existent and I am not sure if only these 5 were ever produced.

Individually, the figures look pretty awful. But when displayed as a set in a nice display box, the look pretty impressive for a collection right? Haha... And just to think that these are almost 20 years old... wow...

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