Saturday, May 7, 2016

Books galore in an unlucky day

Today is the first Saturday of May which means it is the Free Comic Book Day! The stock did not last by the time I ended work so I had no free comics this year :( Bleah... Nonetheless with the 20% sale, I bought 5 books and I cannot wait to open up and enjoy them.
I don't play the arcade but they make new character illustrations so they are not re-use of those images from PSP Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecim
This is sold out twice at CDJapan. All at Kinokuniya main store was reserved so lucky I still managed to get one from Liang Court. However, people are saying that the illustrations are old. Looks like I am going to be disappointed since I own the 3 illustration artbooks released years ago.
I follow the manga but not the movie. But since this is a compilation, I think it will be great to see a lot of pictures and in colour.
This is a surprise!! The cover looks similar to the 1994-2002 version that I did not manage to get (but I own the bootleg version). I am so hyped up for this.
I also bought Injustice Year 4 Volume 1. As an ongoing Free Comic Day promotion, I got 1 (un)lucky draw chance for spending more than $80 including a comic. Darn!! If only that Sakura illustration is available at Kinokuniya main store, I would have 2 chances. Obviously I only got a consolation prize which did not console me at all. Sigh.. It is a small clear holder based on Snow White with The Red Hair. Sigh.. If I only get that 2nd prize.. I don't know if it is Magneto's or Professor X's helmet.. Haiz.. I don't want to see more clearly what it is as it will make me even more disappointed.

I ate lunch at Butahage in Liang Court. I don't normally enjoy rice and pork but since the restaurant was not here yet the last time I went to Liang Court (which was 2-3 years ago), I decided to try. The restaurant only has 1 menu which is grilled pork and rice. The only choices are normal pork (from USA) or premium pork (from Japan). I seldom go to Liang Court as the only times I will come here are when the books I am looking for are not available at Kinokuniya Main Store and Bugis. I don't know if the restaurant will still be around the next time I come here so I went for the premium. Another reason is of course I will choose a Japanese pork for a Japanese meal. For someone who does not usually enjoy pork and rice, I think I had a hearty meal. The pork is excellent and the meat is not tough. However, the slices are quite thick so I still had difficulties biting them to pieces. Lol.  I love the pickles (I don't know why it is orange pickles) and I don't why I was given 2 servings of the salad. Haha.. Anything with Japanese sesame dressing will not go wrong so I don't mind having an extra serving. The best part, however, is the imomochi cheese. I wanted to google to know what food it was but the waitress already came so I just asked her and I just ordered since she said it was nice. And yes, it was nice!! It is like a mixture of mochi (the outer most layer), potato croquette (the second layer), and melting cheese in the middle!! Oishii desu ne~~ If I were not too full, I am sure I will enjoy the imomochi cheese even more. Wow, my writing on the food is actually longer than about the books. Lol.

I reached home at 5pm and an hour later I received a missed delivery note from DHL. The timing was 512. For goodness sake I was in my room!! Did the courier even bother to press the bell or something! Jeez.. It is a deliver for my Australia photobook :( Coincidentally, I received an email for Silk Air lucky draw promotion for 4 return tickets to Darwin. I just went there 2 months ago and I don't mind going back if it is free. Hehehe.. I hope I am lucky for this *big* prize after failing to get all the smaller things today.

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