Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Young & Fabulous

With all the hype and promotional activities for this movie, I am pretty excited and looking forward to the movie. The trailer and the teasers look promising and potentially be a huge coming-of-age hit like Jack Neo's "I Not Stupid" and "I Not Stupid Too". Since this is a Singapore movie, the Singaporean words I will use to describe this movie is: a messed up rojak. The movie tries to incorporate too many things/issues/aspects which eventually become too messy and hastily wrapped up to fit into less than 2 hours of screen time.

Firstly we have the issue of bad parenting. Mrs Chio is an example of how parents with high expectations can drive their kids nuts and how parents should not demoralise their kids by calling them 'dumb', 'stupid', 'idiot' etc. The intention is good and everyone agrees with the points. But in the movie, when Mrs Chio repeatedly calls Jordan 'dumb', I thought it is done in a playful and joking manner instead of in a scolding or demeaning manner. Violet has a different issue with parents who have all the money in the world but not time for her and this gap is miraculously settled without any explanation with the time jump to 8 years later.

Then we have the issue of how social media affects our daily lives which I think is very relevant. We have teenagers' obsession with getting 'likes' on their social media by constantly sharing (sometimes inappropriate) things and even how parents wants to stalk their children's social media life. These issues are presented for comedy purpose and that's it.

Various types of teenage angst-issues are also presented: the nerdy boy (Royston), the pretty girl (Violet), the 'troublemaker' (Hao Ren), the bitchy classmates, etc. Sadly, the development from being 3 classmates to 1 clique is just too forced. They bond over cosplay (which I will talk about below) and suddenly everyone changes for the better: Royston is no longer socially awkward, Violet becomes less princess-y, and Hao Ren suddenly becomes a responsible young man. But their bitchy classmates remain bitchy. All does not make sense at all!!

Now comes the biggest issue with whole movie: cosplay. Despite being promoted as the first movie related to cosplay, it seems that the producer has no idea about cosplay to begin with. I am into manga, anime, and J-Pop but I am not into cosplay. What I am trying to say is cosplay is actually a niche subculture on its own. You need dedication to make your costumes and props and you need to have the confidence to 'be' the character that you are cosplaying as. It is not a HOBBY (like manga, anime, or J-pop music) that you can do as and when you are free or you feel like doing. With this is mind, it is impossible for someone to suddenly be into cosplay just to get more 'likes' on Instagram. Cosplay subculture is niche and has even less fans than the typical manga and anime fans (in fact, some anime and manga fans may actually hate cosplay) so cosplay is definitely not something you think of if you want to boost your popularity. There is hardly any scene showing the 3 main characters making their costumes which is the essence of cosplaying to begin with. The focus seems to be more on the acting part for cosplay competitions. Please visit an anime convention or something and you can tell how many people are into cosplay competitions vs people who are simply happy cosplaying. Lastly, if you really need the $1000, there are a lot of quicker ways than trying to win a cosplay competition. Seriously...

Despite all the negativities I mention above, the movie is still very funny, thanks to Henry Thia who plays Hao Lian (Hao Ren's father). Everything that he says is damn funny and although a lot of the jokes come from Singlish, Henry Thia is seriously funny and he does not need to overact to make audience laugh. Other attempts of being funny from other actors feel forced and unnatural.

Overall, I still think that the movie is quite rubbish. It feels so lazily made with no originality. They simply throw in elements which are proven effective from other movies such as currently relevant life issues and sure-funny jokes revolving around Singlish, cross-dressing, and sexual innuendos. I have to admit that the joke about the sausages and eggs is hilarious though.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


I used my off day yesterday to watch X-men Apocalypse again at the Platinum Suites with my last free ticket and half a day was gone just like that. It makes me feel old that I treasure time over money now. Sigh.. With that, I hope no one will give me free Cathay Platinum Movie tickets anymore. My first experience there 2 weeks ago was not very stellar and yesterday was such a turn off: the combo which is marked as 'must have' was not available (and I was watching the first show of the day!) and there were ticket stubs on the floor next to my seat (so much for the housekeeping and maintenance!). Two thumbs down!!

The first time I came across AAA was last year and it was a few months after their concert in Singapore. I thought it was such a waste that I only knew them after their concert. Otherwise I would watch their concert. Guess what: this September they are coming back!! And now it is my turn to be in a dilemma whether to watch. I have never been to any music concert before and the thought of having to jostle and jump around with the sweaty crowd is such a turn off. I am also very self-conscious as I am not very young anymore and I will be going alone T_T

The concert will be at SCAPE which means it is going to be a standing concert. Haiz.. I prefer a less rowdy and a sitting down concert to enjoy. The tickets are not cheap at $130 or $100. In comparison, I watched Wicked at MBS for only $58 (although the seat location was bad) and I watched Naruto Live Spectacle for $138 at RWS. Both were sitting down and at a more 'atas' location. The other thing which is bothering me is their Member Limited Fan Club Event which will cost $80. Is this a concert with a member-only ticket price? Or is it a completely different event altogether? Maybe I will end up YOLO-in and buying both..

Earlier I came across an advertisement for Tommy Page's concert in Jakarta when I was reading some Indonesian news website. It will be held next week at one hotel which is just near my home!! I can even walk to reach there. The price is also very cheap! The gold ticket is about $55 and that is already the seating one. VIP ticket is about $150. Compare about the pricing for the concerts here in Singapore, that kind of pricing will only get me a lousy category. So sad that I only know about this this late. I am not a big fan of him but I have his Greatest Hits album in a cassette. As a 90's pop singer, his songs sound quite similar to one another so some people may think they are boring. I think otherwise as his songs are typical easy listening 90's songs so the fact that the songs sound similar means that she songs sound similarly good.
The first song that introduced me to Tommy Page

I just spent $189 2 weeks ago for Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour at Esplanade. The concert will be next year May. Lol. Yes that's is very early. The sale started at 12pm and I bought it in the evening and surprisingly, quite a lot of seats were already sold. I bought a category 2 seat and the one I got was about 5 rows behind the last row of the category 1 section. I guess it was not too bad as compared to paying $255 for the category 1 section. A lot of the middle seats were already taken and my seat was like the 12th from the centre but it was still quite far from the aisle too. I am not too into Kingdom Hearts actually. I don't even know any of their song. Lol. Since I cannot get any Final Fantasy, because there is no Final Fantasy concert planned here, Kingdom Hearts is a replacement to experience a game-themed orchestra.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Now I understand how people can just snap and become crazy. I am feeling okay physically but drained mentally. It is very miserable to feel like this day in and day out. So many repressed negativities and I am not sure I am going mad because of my attempt to repress them or I am already at my limit and all hell will break loose soon.

I never say I like my job. It is bearable and the reason I survive this long is because of the people. But people come and go.. and when the good ones have left, I am left with nothing to keep me going. I have no positive reinforcements to keep me going and everyday I keep repeating the same negative reinforcements: work is unfair, I am overworked but under appreciated, why is it me who get arrowed again, etc. I am so sick of everything! I can't multitask and I can't stand having outstanding jobs so I try to clear as soon as possible. People think I am free and I am very efficient and continuously giving me more things to do / vet / review. What's the point??

If I do not believe in God, perhaps I already end my life right now. I really wonder what His purpose is for me in this world. I see no place for me in this world and I see nothing I can contribute to this world as a human. I am pretty happy and satisfied with my life experience so far and I am okay to die now. I mean I am not looking forward to a lot of money to go around the world, I am not looking forward to find a wife and start a family, I am not looking forward to growing old and dealing with health problems. Sigh.. am I mad? Perhaps the other way to look at it is that God has been very kind to me to give me everything that makes me able to feel that I have accomplished enough with my earthly life.

It looks like that on top of patience and humility and strength to go through everyday, I have to start praying for a purpose in life :(

Friday, May 20, 2016

Matsuri fail

Super Japan Matsuri is going on this weekend at the Esplanade. I saw the advertisement for a few weeks on facebook and the event is actually generating a lot of hype. It made my Friday before public holiday much more exciting because I could not stop thinking of authentic Japanese food (especially Takoyaki!) that I might enjoy. I went there immediately after work and reached there at about 6pm. I spent less than 10 minutes before deciding to go home. Yup, this is the shittiest event ever and it is generating a lot of disappointment.

There is no festival atmosphere at all! The area is so small and there are only about 10+ stalls in total. People are queueing although we are not even able to see what they are queueing for. There is no label on the stall. With Singapore hot and humid weather, with that many people coming in, pretty sure there are a lot of disappointed and angry people.

As I was walking back, I saw my aunt!! Haha.. Her whole family was also coming for this. I told them I just returned because it was so bullshit. She asked me to follow them look see and in less than 5 minutes she said "Let's go to Liang Court!". Haha.. So yeah we got our Japanese food there instead.

We went to Meidi-Ya only after dinner and there were a few stall selling traditional Japanese food!! I was too full to buy some more. Haha.. I will go back tomorrow... Seeing rice-stuffed squid reminds me of my last meal in Japan when I was already so full but decided to force myself to eat those unique Japanese food. I see a lot of interesting Kettle's potato chips as well! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

X-men: Apocalypse

I was hyped for this (although not as hyped as for Civil War) but I expected to be disappointed with the mixed reviews that I read this morning. The reviews are quite divided with some people find it very good while others find it very bad. I am not suprised now because after watching, there are certain things which are very good and some things which are rubbish.

As usual, lets start with the negative first so that we can end in a positive note. The story is rubbish crap shit. The movie started a few years BC when Apocalypse was sabotaged by a few of his followers who managed to bury him during his soul shifting ceremony. From here we get an idea that Apocalypse's power and immortality come from shifting his soul to a younger body and in the process gain the power possessed by the younger body.

Then we move on to the 'present' which is the 1980s for the movie to catch up with the X-men after the Days of Future Past event as well as the new younger X-men that we love -in the comics and earlier X-men trilogy but not for in this movie. Except for Magneto, there is nothing new and exciting about the rest. We see Apocalypse's revival and despite calling whatever honorifics he awards to himself, this so called 'god' is awakened by 'accident' when Moira MacTaggert forces her way in to Apocalypse's collapsed pyramid and causes sunlight to shine on the pyramid. That's really dumb! Apocalypse then recruits his 4 horsemen who, except for Magneto, absolutely has no reason to follow him to destroy this world. Anyway if Apocalypse is so powerful that he can make other mutants reach their potential and become stronger, why can't he do that to himself? Hmm...

Professor X uses Cerebro to find Magneto's whereabouts and that's how Apocalypse decides he wants Professor X's body to gain his ability to mind control everyone on earth at the same time. Apocalypse kidnaps Professor X and Havok is killed at this point. I think Havok is killed needlessly just to make Cyclops has a reason to fight as an X-men eventually. Not to mention that having 2 beam shooting guys can be quite boring in the final fight. The X-men fights to rescue Professor X. Seeing Mystique is defeated and almost killed, Magneto changes his mind to go against Apocalypse. Storm also betrays Apocalypse although it is not clear why. However, it is Jean Grey who unleashes her Phoenix power who is eventually able to destroy Apocalypse. So much for showing the power of everyone else when in the end they just use Phoenix to tie things up.

If I overlook the story aspect, the movie is quite enjoyable with all the fights and CGI effects. The mind fight when Apocalypse tries to take over Professor X's brain is depicted with a fist fight between the two. That is a creative approach and much better than closing up on their face and see them groan and scream in agony. Lol. But overall the fights are quite brainless because the story is so poor. I have no idea what Magneto is actually doing when he flies and all the CGI with black things around start to swirl around him. But with the lack of physical fights, all the CGI effects get boring for a 2.5-hours movie. Many parts look so unreal and fake as well especially when Psylocke fights with her purple sword and whip. In addition, all the good parts have actually been shown in the trailer so there is nothing exciting new things to discover here. 

The conversation between the characters are quite hilarious as well (which somehow reminds me of the first Avengers movie). Quicksilver is used as comic relief again but when the same strategy is used twice in this movie, I think they just run out of things. Well, I still laugh at those slow-mo scenes though. But he is not just for comic relief purpose as he tells Mystique that he is Magneto's son (but he does not dare to tell papa!).

Surprisingly, the 'bad' guys i.e Magneto and Mystique are the ones who carry heavier roles here. Magneto tries to repent and be a good guy after the Days of Future Past. When this goes unappreciated by his neighbour and his family gets murdered accidentally, he has enough and decides that no matter what he does, humans will never accept mutants. Mystique is considered a hero and role model by many of the younger mutants after what she did in the Days of Future Past but that does not change her. She still sees mutants being hated and the only reason for her to go against Apocalypse is simply to save her friend Magneto. Unfortunately Mystique does not get a lot of fighting and she only TALKS to Magneto to convince him that he is not alone. Bleah.. 

There is a Wolverine cameo at the Weapon X facility and I was excited "Let it be Wolverine.. let it be Wolverine" when Jean says she detects something (not sure an animal or human) locked in the research facility. And yeah it's the Wolverine!! During Wolverine's screen out, Jean tries to telepathically reminds me of whatever memory he has as a human and while doing this, I was like "Is he going to stab him like X-men 3?". Nope he isn't :p

So as what Jean Grey says after the young X-men are debating after they watch the Star Wars Return of the Jedi, "At least we can all agree the third one is always the worst". Not sure if she is only poking fun at X-men 3: The Last Stand or also at this current movie which is also the 3rd and worst after the X-men reboot.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Final Fantasy Coca Cola (+ Prince of Tennis and Sora Kingdom Hearts) collection

It has been a long time since the last post on my vintage toys collection and suddenly this morning I remembered that I had taken pictures of Final Fantasy Coca Cola collection last year but I have yet to put it here. That is the reason for this post now. Haha.. Although I took the pictures last year, I actually bought the item sometime in end 2013. Lol. Yes it was *that* long ago.

These figures were released circa 1999-2001 exclusively in Japan when you bought Coca Cola back then. Given the circumstances, I do not expect much from the quality. I bought these as a complete set at Yahoo! Action Japan and the total damage was just shy of $150 including proxy and shipping fee. Not exactly cheap but the value comes more from nostalgia and sentimental feelings. The figures were released as 3 volumes and the details are nicely documented here. I decided to skip the 'red crystal' version because it is quite difficult to make out the features in this version. There is also special box version (only containing FF VII-IX figures) that comes with display stand, VHS, and T-shirts. The base of the figures is yellow as compared to red for the version obtained from buying the Coca Cola.
First time I am very happy with display boxes and find them helpful
Pardon the poor focusing, especially for the back row
Intruders at the last row from Prince of Tennis and Sora of Kingdom Hearts
In the last picture, there is a blue crystal Squall. I have no idea where it comes from but definitely it does not belong to this Coca Cola collection. That's why it also does not come with the red base. It was included in the whole lot, together with Sora, so that is how it ends up here. Haha.. The 5 Prince of Tennis figurines are also part of collaboration with Coca Cola. The information on them is almost non-existent and I am not sure if only these 5 were ever produced.

Individually, the figures look pretty awful. But when displayed as a set in a nice display box, the look pretty impressive for a collection right? Haha... And just to think that these are almost 20 years old... wow...

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Platinum Movie Suites (Captain America: Civil War)

The jealousy bug hits me again this week for no reason. I am jealous with my friends who are already married. I am jealous with my friends who seem to be travelling very frequently. I am jealous with my friends who recently moved in to their newly bought condo, not to mention that the location is pretty good which means the price should be quite fantastic too.

At work, I have been holding grudges in the sense that I always kena the things that involved me doing more shit but I never kena the good or rewarding things. A few years back when I was still very innocent and enthusiastic, I could not wait to be a preceptor. Now I have been arrowed but I don't feel as joyful as I expected. Firstly, I already feel like quitting. I have already checked and got the answer that my service period is 1 year from the date mentioned in the certificate. Yep I am looking forward to 2 August. If I really can find something else, I can throw letter on the 3rd and I am free from 3rd September onwards. Yiipppeee!!! Secondly, why do I kena while the others who got this award and that award (including best junior preceptor award last year) never get? They are better than me after all right? Jeez..

Today is my cousin's church wedding and I was excited since a few days ago. I don't know why I am so excited even though it is not my wedding. I had to skip the lunch reception after the holy matrimony as I wanted to rush to use my free Cathay Platinum Movie Suites ticket to watch Captain America: Civil War. It is my first time watching at Cathay Platinum Movie Suites and I have been looking forward to it. Sadly, it does not meet my expectation which has been set by GV's Gold Class. The promised 'luxurious cinematic destination' falls short because the food options are the usual movie junk snacks!! Who in the right mind will serve popcorns, nachos, hot dogs, etc for such an 'atas' movie experience. They do have some wines and I bet it is a nice mix with the food I mentioned. Gold Class serves food at a restaurant level, both in price and quality, and I don't mind coming back to have a nice meal together with a movie. Platinum Movie Suites does not have that pulling factor from the food perspective and I will never ever pay that much for a movie just to enjoy a more private or quieter movie watching experience.

Ironically, Platinum Movie Suites has bigger table to put more food despite their rubbish food offering. I am not so fussy with the comfort of the seats so I am ambivalent between GV's sofa vs Cathay's leather seats. One aspect which I think Platinum Movie Suites does better than Gold Class is in terms of the privacy. The slope of the hall is nice enough to allow each pair of seats to have a 'wall' surrounding them. Basically we cannot see what the people above and below us are doing. Gold Class has a more 'open' concept. In case you are wondering, I always watch movie alone so I don't need privacy for some hanky panky purpose. Lol. I just don't want others see how greedy I am with my food and I don't want others to feel disturbed should I decide to turn on the table light. Anyway, I still have another free ticket which I will use for X-men Apocalypse. Perhaps one good thing is that Cathay is not so anal about the free tickets. Unlike GV, there is no restriction to wait for 2-3 weeks later to use when the movie no longer has the 'no fee ticket' status.

On the way home, I decided to try my luck at Antoinette and this time luck was at my side and I was able to get the salted egg yolk croissant. I also bought matcha croissant and cheese tarts. The cheese tarts were great although the crust is a bit too thick. It is not cheesy enough for me and I find the taste being overpowered by the crust. However I like the consistency: it is fluid enough for me to lick the cheese part but it is not runny (when I bite, everything remains intact). The croissants are the reverse: the filling is too runny while the croissant is too soft and too thin to contain the filling. The taste? Heavenly!! I don't like sweet stuff so I like the taste of the matcha filling which is very close to drinking one. The salted egg yolk filling is the first one that reminds me of salted egg yolk instead of a custard. This version is worth being the originator of the salted egg fad in Singapore and all the hype surrounding it. Haha.. I better nurse my face and prepare for a break out tonight. Lol.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Books galore in an unlucky day

Today is the first Saturday of May which means it is the Free Comic Book Day! The stock did not last by the time I ended work so I had no free comics this year :( Bleah... Nonetheless with the 20% sale, I bought 5 books and I cannot wait to open up and enjoy them.
I don't play the arcade but they make new character illustrations so they are not re-use of those images from PSP Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecim
This is sold out twice at CDJapan. All at Kinokuniya main store was reserved so lucky I still managed to get one from Liang Court. However, people are saying that the illustrations are old. Looks like I am going to be disappointed since I own the 3 illustration artbooks released years ago.
I follow the manga but not the movie. But since this is a compilation, I think it will be great to see a lot of pictures and in colour.
This is a surprise!! The cover looks similar to the 1994-2002 version that I did not manage to get (but I own the bootleg version). I am so hyped up for this.
I also bought Injustice Year 4 Volume 1. As an ongoing Free Comic Day promotion, I got 1 (un)lucky draw chance for spending more than $80 including a comic. Darn!! If only that Sakura illustration is available at Kinokuniya main store, I would have 2 chances. Obviously I only got a consolation prize which did not console me at all. Sigh.. It is a small clear holder based on Snow White with The Red Hair. Sigh.. If I only get that 2nd prize.. I don't know if it is Magneto's or Professor X's helmet.. Haiz.. I don't want to see more clearly what it is as it will make me even more disappointed.

I ate lunch at Butahage in Liang Court. I don't normally enjoy rice and pork but since the restaurant was not here yet the last time I went to Liang Court (which was 2-3 years ago), I decided to try. The restaurant only has 1 menu which is grilled pork and rice. The only choices are normal pork (from USA) or premium pork (from Japan). I seldom go to Liang Court as the only times I will come here are when the books I am looking for are not available at Kinokuniya Main Store and Bugis. I don't know if the restaurant will still be around the next time I come here so I went for the premium. Another reason is of course I will choose a Japanese pork for a Japanese meal. For someone who does not usually enjoy pork and rice, I think I had a hearty meal. The pork is excellent and the meat is not tough. However, the slices are quite thick so I still had difficulties biting them to pieces. Lol.  I love the pickles (I don't know why it is orange pickles) and I don't why I was given 2 servings of the salad. Haha.. Anything with Japanese sesame dressing will not go wrong so I don't mind having an extra serving. The best part, however, is the imomochi cheese. I wanted to google to know what food it was but the waitress already came so I just asked her and I just ordered since she said it was nice. And yes, it was nice!! It is like a mixture of mochi (the outer most layer), potato croquette (the second layer), and melting cheese in the middle!! Oishii desu ne~~ If I were not too full, I am sure I will enjoy the imomochi cheese even more. Wow, my writing on the food is actually longer than about the books. Lol.

I reached home at 5pm and an hour later I received a missed delivery note from DHL. The timing was 512. For goodness sake I was in my room!! Did the courier even bother to press the bell or something! Jeez.. It is a deliver for my Australia photobook :( Coincidentally, I received an email for Silk Air lucky draw promotion for 4 return tickets to Darwin. I just went there 2 months ago and I don't mind going back if it is free. Hehehe.. I hope I am lucky for this *big* prize after failing to get all the smaller things today.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The joy of teaching

Yesterday was Ascension of the Lord and after a lot of deliberation, I decided to go for the Mass. I am so 'proud' of myself. Haha.. I arrived less than 5 minutes before the Mass began and I was surprised that there were plenty of empty seats. It seems that a lot people have the same thought as mine: let's skip this Mass. Lol. I cannot recall any other occasion of Holy Day of Obligation that falls on a weekday has ever been this 'quiet'. Well I am not complaining since I am quite happy not to squeeze with so many people.

Today is the end of attachment period of my 2 students and again I am touched. I am just doing my job and I don't expect anything in return. However, when I get appreciation from them, I have to admit that I feel very happy. This is actually quite similar to what happened 2 years ago. The students asked to take a photo with me T_T I am so touched... They also gave me a thank you card and a gift of orange juice. This is the message on the card:

Thank you for being our preceptor during our attachment period at --------- and guided us throughout these short 3 weeks of attachment. You are always patient when we asked questions and did things slow. It was really enriching and pleasant learning from you. We hope you like the little things we got for your. :) Take care!


The P.S part is a cut off from a sticker and they are all in caps. It is not that I am trying to highlight that part. Haha.. Now I feel bad for 'not wanting' them as initially I prefer to take NUS students as that one will have $150 honorarium. Oh well, I guess this kind of good memories will last beyond the $150.

At the end of attachment, there is always feedback session. To be fair to students, I always force them to give me feedback as everyone definitely has own strengths and weaknesses and I would like to know about my own too. One of the students said I am impatient. I am not surprised or offended because I know I can be quite crazy at work but I asked if I was impatient to her or it was a general observation. I am glad that it is from the general observation at work because it means that I never lose my cool during teaching. But I feel quite emo to get a bad feedback in my teaching form because my craziness at work is due to the crazy people I am working with. Noone wants to do it and I have to play as the bad guy and I always get all the not so nice things.. Haiz...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Assassination Classroom 2: Graduation

I was considering to watch the special screening 2 weeks ago and I am glad that I did not do that. Although I don't find the first movie to be fantastic, it is still quite good in the sense that it makes me looking forward to watch for the second part. Unfortunately, this becomes a good example of how a sequel movie basically butchers the series altogether. Whatever elements which retain my interest for the first movie is almost absent here and that's why I feel that this is an absolute trash.

We spend quite a lot of time with the background story of Koro-sensei. I guess it is meant to be something emotional but I find it too draggy as all the small talk between the God of Death and Yukimura-sensei seem to trivial to result in the kind of bond that both of them have. It is also revealed that because of the experiment, Koro-sensei will explode this March due to the chemical reactions going on inside him.

Coming back to the present, everything is worse. First we have the school festival that serves no purpose whatsover. A new character is introduced here to also target Koro-sensei but again his appearance and then disappearance really like no head no tail.

We also have class 3E divided between saving Koro-sensei and killing him after listening to his flashback. The conflict is resolved with a fight between Karma and Nagisa. There is nothing exciting about the fight and the fight also ends in a lame manner. The class eventually unites and decides to save Koro-sensei. At this point, things are getting even more ridiculous. With time running short, the world nations finally agrees to kill Koro-sensei by building a barrier around the school and getting ready to shoot a laser beam from outer space. Yeah.. if they can do that from the start, why aren't they doing that from the beginning? The student miraculously develops a 'cure' which is actually a ploy from Kotaro Yanagisawa, the real bad guy who uses Koro-sensei as his guinea pig. This 'cure' turns out to be something to weaken Koro-sensei so Kotaro can take his revenge. It is totally dumb that a scientist like Kotaro is unable to make this 'cure' and set up a plan so that the 'cure' is made by high school students.

I don't expect things can go worse from here but it does. In the end, Koro-sensei just asked his students to kill him. Wahahahaha.. What the fuck is going on here?? What's is the point of having the students trained and making 2 movies if in the end this yellow octopus-like creature decides to let himself be killed?

Humour, which is the saving grace for the first movie, is severely lacking here and that is a bummer. Once you are used to Koro-sensei, you will not find him funny anymore. Bitch-sensei has a much reduced screentime and is sorely missed as she is one main contributor of the crazy and funny scenes from the first movie.

With that, I don't think there is anything that makes this movie worth watching and well, I am glad that there will not be part 3.