Monday, April 25, 2016


Just 1 week back in work and it no longer feels that I was just back from holiday. Work is getting too toxic and at times like this, the intention of quitting just grows. My feelings towards work remain the same. The work itself is bearable. It is the colleagues that make it unbearable. I only have 1 head, 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 ears, 1 mouth, and 1 brain. I can only be at one place at one time. I cannot be doing and looking after so many things at the same time while the rest are happily sitting inside the office. I also have my admin duties that I need to do. If I am fighting fire throughout the whole day, how am I supposed to clear my admin duties. Bleah.. Some are duties that can be done by the rest but because they all cannot be bothered, again they fall on my plate. Jeez...

During this stressful period, I saw a post on facebook about a toxic work environment being defined as the need to shout/scream/scold people to get them work. That describes my work environment aptly. And if you think there is a joy in shouting/screaming/scolding, you are dead wrong. It is toxic for everyone including the screamer. A few more months to go until my bond ends and I really need to start planning my new job. I already sort of asking people here and there and I am prepared to accept that no point looking at pay. Even if I change, the pay will be comparably bad. I should look for happiness instead. No point talking about this now since I cannot do anything about it but ironically, it is such thoughts that make me survive to look forward a few more months.

I weighed myself yesterday and I lost 4 kg. That is how bad the past week has been. It seems that all the rubbish I gained when I was home is finally shed off. Haha.. Anyway, that is an excuse for me to treat myself with Burger King yesterday. I have been aiming for the Korean King that has been promoted since before I went for holiday and yesterday was the first and last time. Lol.

Yesterday was a crazy Sunday for me. I woke up at 5am and it took me close to 6 hours to catch up with my missed Japanese lessons. In the end, I did too much because the lesson did not go as fast as I expected so the second homework that I did was not even due yet. Bleah... After Japanese lesson, I decided to be a good boy and attend Mass. Lol. I then went to MBS to the Civil War festival. I thought it was at skating rink and only after realising there was nothing there that I checked that the festival was at the event plaza. I walked that far and that long for nothing. Blah.. I was contemplating not to see this festival at all and I should have listened to my heart. It was rubbish. The limited edition Steve Rogers cosbaby had to be bought as a package with a T-shirt. I am not going to waste $68 when usual cosbaby is only about $20. I then went to Suntec City to collect my silver proof Peter Rabbit coin to commemorate 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. Again my laziness to check location caused me to waste time and energy walking around. I thought the Singapore Mint shop number was at 200-something but after I only saw shop numbers of 300s and 400s. Only then I checked the directory and the shop number was at 400 something. Grrr..

I am so tired please give me a break :(

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