Monday, April 11, 2016

Not like usual

My holiday had a pretty rocky start. This is the first time that I did not bring any of my toys home. Both my luggage and hand carry were full of iron steamer for my dad. He did not force me to bring it home as he is planning to come to Singapore in May. But I bought it for him and what's the point of buying it for him if I have to keep it until May? Hence I brought it home so that he could use it as soon as possible.

I am pretty upset with myself as when I took out some of my figurines to display at home, I broke Kurama's whip. I don't know if it is meant to break or I was too rough when I was removing the plastic blister. I did not feel that I was too rough but I was in a rush in doing that. Haiz..
The unopened super glue which I am keeping stock (and I don't know how long it has been on my table) was already unusable. The glue particles were already bonding with one another and the texture of the glue was already gooey instead of being liquid. So I had to wait until yesterday to buy a new super glue. Sadly, it does not work. The glue caused some erosion to the broken parts that there is very little contact space for the acrylate glue to work. Bleah.. My 2-part epoxy glue is in Singapore so that is one alternative that I can do but I have to wait until the next time I am home. The other alternative is.. to buy the bootleg version of the figurine just for the whip. Shame on me.. Surprisingly I could not find any bootleg on eBay so I had to utilise Just for the record, I am not a supporter of bootleg but when it comes to occasions like this, bootleg is my only choice. Adding all the shipping fee, it will cost me about $30 and that is not cheap considering I bought the original one for $70. That was 3 years ago.. Sigh..  Anyway he is out of production and now the original ones are selling for like $200-$300. That's crazy. And what is crazier? This idiot who broke his whip :(

Grrrah.. I have never felt this lousy for a holiday.. I find my hobby to be very frustrating because of the damage but it is really a guilty pleasure since I really cannot let go of my hobby anyway despite this painful experience. Sigh...

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