Saturday, April 16, 2016


1 week passed just like a blink of the the eye and my holiday is soon to be over. Sigh... I usually feel emo on the last few days before flying back, especially with tidying up my comics and figurines cupboards. I am done with those so I am feeling somewhat more relaxed.

When you are so close to the 30s, birthday is no longer a happy occasion. I guess it is part of aging and even my body no longer can hide my age. Gone are the days when people say I am baby face and even conversation topic from strangers (like the barber who cut my hair earlier this week) is about marriage. With the clock continuously ticking, I am feeling quite burdened with a lot of things especially about my future. Should I stay or should I change job? Or should I go for further studies? Should I start behaving less selfish and start thinking of ways to find a girlfriend? It is quite a given that I have to take a better care of my health especially pertaining to healthy eating and regular exercise but it is always difficult to commit. Bleah..

Facebook is full of fake friends so I try not to bother about how many birthday messages I received. But honestly, I feel quite said to have less than 10% of my friends' list wishing me birthday. Haha.. not unexpected since I cannot be bothered to wish others birthday too since wishing birthday through facebook is just out of courtesy. To my surprise, I received birthday messages through private whatsapp messages from the closer group of friends. So yeah.. hehe...

I joined AAA global fanclub in January and I am quite amazed with their gestures for my birthday. They sent a special link to get personalised birthday messages from the band members as well as a desktop wallpaper with a happy birthday and the link can only be accessed on the birthday and the day after. I have passed the stage of fanboying so I don't really care if these messages are really written by the members or actually by the management. But I have to say that these are quite nice gestures.
Quite a bad photoshop editing, especially Hidaka's hands. Lol..
Last day liao.. I try not to be too emo T_T

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