Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Home for CNY

Because in the end Air France completely ignored my email for ticket cancellation and refund, I ended up spending my first CNY home since 2002. People always ask me if I am celebrating and it is always very irritating to answer that I only want the angpaus. I dislike the visiting since I meet my closer relatives pretty frequently even without the need of any special occasions. The thought of going home this time was also more because my dad's birthday happened to fall on Sunday.

As it was in the past, my only impression of CNY is: it is tiring. It is even more tiring this time as I had to fly again at the end of the day. I feel so tired that I am only spending today resting at home. I intended on going to Thomson Plaza for the cash deposit machine but I was too tired and lazy for that. Bleah.. At least I am done with the unpacking.

Yesterday I had a nice surprise of an upgrade to Premium Economy for my flight back. Yaaay!! I guess that helped to reduce my irritation a little bit over my cancelled flight. I honestly do not see myself paying for Premium Economy as the only difference with normal economy are just: more comfortable seat, noise cancelling headphone, and 1 bottle of Evian. Since the headphone is attached to seat, I believe it is not sterilised until each passenger -unlike the lousy headphone that we usually get in Economy class. I can also live without the bottled water as I can always request it from the cart. So yeah, I don't know why someone will pay about 2x more just for the more comfortable seat. Well, I still enjoy the experience nonetheless. Hehe.. Oh ya, the food is also the same as the economy class. Lol..

I notice the promotion to Jakarta until 27 March so I believe Air France is no longer flying this route after that. I try both April and July and there is no flight to book. Sigh.. I will definitely miss it and I need to find another airline now. This CNY trip is actually the first time I experienced Air France flights which were relatively full. Too bad they only served French sandwiches for both the trips. In the past, I always got meals consisting of bread, salad, cake, etc.

For the first time, I also bought liquors from Duty Free Shop in the airport. I got the 'idea' because I thought it would take quite sometime to wait for the baggage from a full flight so I could spend sometime shopping. I bought a 200ml Baileys Irish Cream ($10) and a pack of 3 x 50ml Choya Umeshu ($12.80) which consists of 1 bottle of Extra Years, Extra Shisho, and Royal Honey. The cashier told me if I wanted to buy 5 more bottles before reaching the Duty Free limit. How I wish I can!! Haha.. I don't really enjoy drinking and I have noone to drink with. Otherwise I will buy the bigger bottles which are cheaper too. I was actually very interested in the Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate but it was only available as 1L bottle for $20 something. Well, let's enjoy them during the coming Valentine's Day with myself. Lol.

Meanwhile, wishing everyone for a great and prosperous year of the Fire Monkey.

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