Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Down.. and further down..

I am not a huge fan of travelling. Not only it sucks my money dry, I extremely hate it when I have to be the one doing the planning. Being perfectionist becomes a weakness as it is very stressful to consider so many factors. I settled the flight last week and while the prices had gone up as compared to when I checked them out in December, at least the timing remains. It was not very stressful. The hotel booking, however, is extremely more complicated. I have to consider price, room type, location, accessibility, presence of tour bus pick up, website to purchase from, any credit card promotion or discount, etc.

In the end, I focused on Agoda and Expedia. For the hotel at Darwin, there was no problem deciding as only Expedia had available rooms for booking. The headache was for the hotel in Sydney: same hotel and same search configuration but Agoda stated ok for room A but no for room B while Expedia stated the complete opposite. Agoda is nice to have free cancellation policy so I decided to book there first. However, when I realised that I could get 10% off at Expedia because of my credit card, I immediately called Expedia to clarify about the room. The service was superb as the customer service guy called the hotel directly and documented their conversation etc in the booking. So yeah, sorry Agoda, I had to cancel and buy from Expedia instead.

Nothing good lasts forever and it seems that AirFrance is going to end their Jakarta-Singapore destination soon. My holiday plan for Chinese New Year is completely ruined as the return flight on Tuesday is cancelled and I am put on Wednesday flight. I can't afford to return on Wednesday because of my work commitment. Sigh.. I booked for a Tuesday flight and they only informed me about this forced change in the e-ticket. It is partly my fault for not checking the e-ticket when I bought it in August last year. I mean who would expect that a flight that you just booked, paid, and everything went through is just cancelled like that. I called and contacted their facebook to hope for cancellation of my trip and full refund but was rejected. Enquiry through their website has not been responded also. Bleah.. I am utterly disappointed.

3 days later, I received another messages for changes to my April flights: they are both rescheduled to Garuda Indonesia flights. Win liao lo.. I think they will seriously close this route. Although the rescheduled timings become earlier and more favourable to me, I still prefer an enjoyable half-empty flights with AirFrance :( Very very disappointed.

Today is also the last day of one of my staff and my colleague. It is quite sad for me as she is the first staff whose OJT I undertook and she has been doing pretty well that at the end of all this, I can proudly say that I am proud with my trainee. She will be an air stewardess and I am happy (and jealous) that she finds a greener pasture. Sigh.. With more and more colleagues leaving, I realise how much I hate my job and the only thing that keeps me hanging on is the colleagues.

I thought my mood will improve this evening in anticipation of the arrival of my photobook. It becomes another frustrating experience as I received someone else's photobook!! I know something is bound to go wrong when I receive 2 different tracking numbers for 1 order. Sigh.. I feel bad for the other person and I wonder is s/he will ever receive his/her order. It is a photobook of a child's birthday party wor.. I am also concerned if my own pictures can also be sent to the wrong address and strangers will have my photos. Sigh..

Dumb fucking shit keeps happening to me.. No wonder my resting heart rate can be 101.

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